A Thorn in the Side of Man's Church


1824. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 August 2005 at 9:40 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me the inside of a human body. What I saw were the moving organs inside this body. I could see a dark area around the chest. The color of the area was black and surrounding this black there was the color gray.

Then the Lord said, ďIt is around the heartĒ.

I asked the Lord if it was my heart or anyone in my family. The Lord said no, it is the heart of the church of man.


Then the Lord showed me a wiggly metal shim that is driven into two pieces of wood and used to hold the two pieces of wood together.


Then the Lord said, ďThis Prophetic Ministry will become a thorn in the side of todayís church."


1852. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 October 2006 at 1:05 AM


I saw a ring within a ring.


Reymundo, Reymundo, Reymundo, I know you feel secure. I know everything feels legal, proper, acceptable within your household. But here comes the day right around the corner where I am going to make you a thorn, a blistering thorn in the side of manís church. Every time they hear your name, the thorn is going to irritate them. Just the sound of your name is going to make them sick. The church of man is just that; the church of man - and it neither grows with the Word of God nor follows the path that the Lord has directed. It goes around and around like a dog chasing its tail. So I am going to make you a thorn in manís church.

One thing to remember, Reymundo; when you have God on your side, - who can come against you?! Who can prevail? Remember My son; the things of God are the things of God. The things of man are the things of man. The two will never mix! What does Light have to do with darkness? The church of man has not become the house of prayer. It has become the house of money, the house of funds. They believe they have power. They believe they have authority. They believe they have God. What a mistake. For the things of God are Righteous. The things of God are pointed in the Bible. Some donít even believe in the Holy Spirit. How can you find God without the Holy Spirit?

I know you are uncomfortable. I know you feel uneasy about the path that I am going to take you, but Trust Me, Reymundo. All will become Righteous and Correct because I am directing you and I am pointing you to follow this path. You are not a rebel without a cause, you are just obedient. That cross on your back is getting kind of heavy isnít it? But do not worry, My Angels will help you. They will take the load off your back. We are going to move in another direction in the coming months, in the coming years, with the Power and the Might of the Holy Spirit.

You are going to lock horns with the established manís church, but in some ways you think itís going to be hard because I am going to ask you again to keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to speak. Say nothing! Let the Lord do the battle. No one has ever beaten Me. No one has even come close. So remember, Reymundo, when I tell you to jump; you jump! When I tell you to stop, you stop. It is simple; it is direct; it is to the point. People believe what they want. They take My Glory and they think they are great. They forget the other side of the coin; the Vengeance of God! They are not fooling no one but themselves. It doesnít matter how much schooling they have. How much they say they speak for God. How they project their prophecies. How they put people down. How they lift themselves up. It is all coming to an end; and they do not even see it! They are like the Pharisees of old, legalistic, pointed without any love, without any Spirit of God. They are in a box and they do not even know it!

Here comes the Train. Do you hear the whistle? Do you hear the wheels clacking on the tracks? Get on board! Get on board! Here comes Jehovah. Here comes Jesus Christ. Here comes the Holy Spirit with the Power and the Vengeance of God! Nothing will stop what I have set into motion. Make yourself strong! Make yourself brave! Say nothing Reymundo! Say nothing! Everything is in My Hands. Remember, when Peter walked on the water? He lost the Faith, he began to sink. Keep your eyes on Jesus through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Power of the Father Jehovah, through the Power of Jesus Christ all will be well.

We are going to shake; we are going to rattle this planet. In the coming years, in the coming months people will believe what is up, but actually will be down. What is to the right will actually be to the left. They are going to be so bewildered because the church leaders have not done their job. They have scared and chased away more of My Flock than you could imagine, but it is all coming to an end. The Ax is at the root of the Tree. Satan is proud; he thinks he is great; he thinks he is doing good job. Kind of sounds like the church of today.

But do not worry Ray, I am only interested in the people who will go through the narrow gate; the narrow road. Sometimes it is hard to find; sometimes it is easy. But get off the main road. Go through the narrow gate and you will find your God with open Arms. Sometimes with a Tear in His Eye, but all will come that are supposed to come.

So be prepared! You are going to get a lot advice; most of it wrong, but remember, keep your eyes, your ears, your spirit pointed toward Jesus. The Spirit of God will show you and guide you and all will go well. So be it! So be it, My little Reymundo. The time and the hour has approached; be bold; be strong; be wise. (over)


1855. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 7 November 2006 at 11:44 AM

The Power and the Glory of Jehovah will always be. It will manifest itself to the people who follow My Word, who obey Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There is turbulence in the Body of Christ. There are people who have God in a box, who are legalistic, who have no love. Yet they want to dominate. They want to direct. They want to manipulate the Word of God, for pride, for money, for everything that is not of God.

The end is before you. Those that are on the watchtower, that are ready, that have the oil for their lamps, will be received with open Arms, with Embraces and Kisses from your Heavenly Father. Well done good and faithful servants. You have obeyed to the end. But there are those that believe they have power. They like to dominate. They like to control the brothers and sisters. They do not even have the oil; actually, they do not even have the lamps. But yet they have placed themselves on Godís Throne. They belittle the children of God trying to use wisdom which belongs to the devil. There is turbulence in the Body of Christ, many will see it, many will hide from it, many will ignore it, but there is turbulence in the Body of Christ. You go through the Bible like a surgeon looking up every word, every letter, every comma. You might win the battle, but lose the war. What a Shame! What a Shame! What a Shame!

Like I told you earlier Reymundo you are going to be a thorn in the side of the Body of Christ. They will hate you! They will despise you! Just like the prophets of old. The Body of Christ has no Power. They have disarmed themselves through greed, through self indulgences, through pride. Remember Reymundo, you are going to be the thorn that is going to shake and is going to rattle this Body of Mine. Be Strong, be Brave, be Wise. Like I told you before; close those lips, say nothing! God will do the talking. God will deliver the things He has promised. The Power and Might of God cannot be broken. The Glory of God belongs to God. Donít worry about the wives I promised you. I have chosen them. I will deliver them. I will deliver the Power of God. I will correct. I will discipline.

The Body of Christ is so confused. What a Shame! What a Shame! What a Shame! From the leaders to the followers your Father, Jehovah and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has to correct, has to discipline, or they will all fall into the pit, the blind leading the blind. They lost the innocence of a child. They are going to rebel Reymundo, against you, against what they read. Do not worry Ė do not say a word, just do as I tell you and all will go well. I will send people to help you. I will send the funds you need to support your family, to keep the ministry growing.

The Body of Christ is like a blister that is ready to pop and you are My Thorn, Reymundo. You are going to pop that blister and let the juices run where they may. Remember, do not worry about the women I send. Do not worry about the men I send. Do not worry about the funds I send. You just document My Words, place them on the internet, watch the Power of Jehovah grow, watch the Power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth grow, watch the Power of the Holy Spirit grow, for nothing can stop Me. The end is before you, the enemy is before you.

The Body has to unite. They have to learn to love each other; they have to learn to get along with each other. All this bickering, all this fighting, all this discord, what a Shame! What a Shame! What a Shame! I want people to take Communion every day. I want them to pray at 3 and at 7. I want them to bring the Body of Christ together. I want them to help each other. Help the people in the streets. Tell the world that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is coming with the Power and the Might of the Holy Spirit.

Remember Reymundo; donít worry about these things I am going to give you. All will go well. There is an order that you do not understand and a method you do not understand, but take that step. Trust Me! Remember, My Words will not come back void. I can do what I want, because everything belongs to Me. Be Wise. Be Courageous. Be Strong. Do not be afraid of this new Path, this new Way that I am leading you. I know it goes totally against your way of thinking, but what is important is to obey your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Keep those lips closed. Let Jehovah do the talking, let Jesus Christ of Nazareth do the talking, let the Holy Spirit do the talking. The devil knows what is happening. The Devil is frightened. I love you Ray. I love My Body. Everything will be corrected that needs to be corrected at the proper time, at the proper place. I am sorry to say that many of the leaders of the church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that have turned to the way of man will not make it. I have spoken to them and spoken to them, but they cover their ears, cover their eyes and went and did their own thing. So be it! So be it! The vengeance of God is here. The Love of God is here. The Power of Power is here. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)


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