Biased Media


269. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 1993 at 1:22 PM. in English.

Yes Ray, the hour that was revealed to you in the earlier Prophecies will be established, the hour of the beast. The conference that the beast recently attended was a complete success. All the beetles that attended the conference were happy, are rejoicing. For the food they ate was of the devil. They are satisfied at the present time with the meal they had. The Maggots of this world will multiply, will increase, the revelation to the world will become focused when the beast ( ? ).

All that will happen is that the beast will reveal this great plan. This manifestation of his own intellect, which really became a union between him, and the devil. The airplanes will fly, the beetles will build, the sky will rain, and the world's focus will be turned in a false direction. For the beast is going to manipulate the media in a direction that will be contrary to the Word of God. What will be right, will actually be wrong, and what will be wrong, will actually be right.

The communications of the world will be biased, will be of the beast, and the beast will be controlled by Satan. So don't be quick to condemn. For what is white will be black, and what is black will be white. Be very careful My Children, My Sheep, My Lambs. For many will be deceived, and many will fall. For the actions of the beast are the actions of all that is evil.

Read the Bible, study, stay focused, stay tuned. For some of your SO CALLED GREAT MEN are working for the enemy. Do not be deceived. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Father Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit will guide you, and direct you. Remember My Words, what sounds pretty, what sounds right could be wrong.

For the communications of this world, this planet are going to amplify the word of Satan, through the beast, through his organization. The false prophet will begin his campaign with the mass media. He will begin to change the value systems of the planet, and focus it in the direction of the Antichrist.

Listen carefully, very, very carefully to what is said in the media. For they are going to use the media to destroy the righteous, to destroy the Word of God. Focus in on the Bible, the Book of Romans, the Book of Chronicles, the Book of Ephesians, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Hebrews, and finish it off with the Gospels, the Word of God, My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit, and the Father Jehovah God. Be careful My Lambs. Be careful My Seeds. For what you hear, for what you read, for what you see in the communication of this world are going to become corrupted. The false prophet is there. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look at the sky. Look at the sky. There will be a sign in the sky. Look at the sky My Children. You will see miracles. You will see wonders. You will see, and feel, and sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit working through the planet. Your Father will not abandon you. Remember That! Jesus Christ of Nazareth will never abandon you. Remember that! The Holy Spirit will never abandon you. Remember that! No matter what happens focus on your God. Stay strong, love one another, help one another, and you'll be okay. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look to the sky. Look to the sky, and you will see, and you will know, that Jehovah does not Lie. (Non-understandable tongues?)


1686. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 August 2002 at 6:26 AM in English.

Good morning, Reymundo, the devil is poaching. The devil is poaching My sacred Sheep, My Lambs. He is maneuvering the good ones into a stock pen and then will begin the slaughter, the slaughter of My Lambs, My Sheep. What a shame! What a shame! What is so sad; My Sheep, My Lambs are volunteering - are willingly following him into this pen. They are being led by a wolf in sheep's clothing. There are many wolves in sheep's clothing filling up this pen. The hammer will hit the anvil at 6 o'clock and the beginning of the end of My Scared Lambs will begin. Because they followed the devil using the Word of God. Many think that they are rich, many think that they are blessed, but many will find themselves between the anvil and the hammer.

My Prophets, My Saints, tell them and tell them My Word that they are on the path of destruction, but they have so much pride, so much ego, they follow the devil to the pit. It hurts My Heart to loose one, but they volunteered to follow the devil. Those who follow the devil go with the devil to the pit. So saith Jehovah, so saith Jesus Christ, so saith the Holy Spirit.

The devil knows the Word of God. He knows how to use it to his advantage. He will pick and choose scripture to fill up his pen full of My Sheep. The sheep that are blind, the sheep who are looking for wealth using the Word of God. They don't read the Bible clearly. They pick and choose, they hop around the Bible just to hear words that tickle their ears. They don't hear or read the Wrath of God, the Vengeance of God, the discipline of God. They want the easy road. They do not want to carry their cross through the narrow gates. They want the high road, the wide road, the easy road. They are singing, they are dancing, they are praising Jesus Christ of Nazareth as they follow the devil to this large pen, waiting for the anvil and the hammer. If that is what they want, if that is where their heart is; I am going to release them to follow their master with sheep's clothing.

You have to be very careful in the coming days, in the coming years because what sounds right might be the words of the devil. Tickling one's ear with the Word of God is going to be the end thing. But that is the way it is stated in the Bible - in the end times people are going to want their ears tickled. Faith without works is dead. So be it! So be it! So be it!


1777. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 February 2004 12:35 PM

I asked the Lord “why are all these events about gay marriages and homosexuality trying to become legalized in the country and in San Francisco?” 

And the Lord said:

Father Death is coming to these places, Father Death - the place where the devil lives.  Evil breeds evil, evil will run ramped in all parts of the world.  (The Lord showed me a vision of a horse in the spirit as He spoke.)  The riders have their messages; the riders are delivering their messages.  What is black will become blacker!  Trying to survive in these coming days will be difficult.  For the Christian world, the Body of Christ, will not understand, will not comprehend how all these evil things are sprouting up all around them.  They will try to turn the tides but without avail, for they are powerless.  Most of them have not read the Bible.  Most of them have not repented of their sins.  Most of them go to church and play church.  They skip and they jump all over the Bible just to read the things that tickle their ears. 

What a shame!  What a shame!  What a shame!  The Power of God is absolute.  The Power of God is infinite.  But if you are not on the Train to Salvation how can you use that power?  How can you harness that absoluteness?  How can you heal the sick?  How can you help your brothers and sisters if you pretend to follow Jesus?  If you pretend to be a good Christian and still follow the world. 

Reymundo, Reymundo, Reymundo. We have another place to Anoint.  I am not going to say it is the last, but I know you will go where I send you.  The funds will come.  Anoint this place in Japan where death came to this place of non-Christians, the place of Satan.  Remember, there is a reason for Anointing the different places that you have, even though you do not understand the ways of God in all incidences, but follow, follow the Spirit of God and the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Father and the Holy Spirit, who have all things come to a conclusion, in the manner, in the way of your Father Jehovah. 

The media of the world is evil.  The media of the world works for Satan.  They will try to twist and turn what is good into bad and what is bad into good.  Be careful of what you see, what you read and how it is interpreted.  Because the devil knows that man can be influenced very easily.  Man will kill its own.  Man has no remorse.  Man will destroy man, but man is without power against your God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Remember, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings answers prayers to the point and clearly, but He doesn’t answer to alligator tiers, to people who are faithless, to people who are on the fence in both worlds.  The Lord answers prayers to the Dedicated, to the Righteous, to the Clean and Virtuous members of the Body of Christ.  Beware of the media.  Beware of the devil, but do not be afraid.  Just like Hitler who turned his people against people.  Just like Saddam Hussein, who slaughtered, killed his own people.  Just like all the other rulers who have taken power and followed the ways of Satan. 

Be righteous, read the Bible from the beginning to the end.  Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray, for you are approaching the end, the end of the end.  Remember, there is a very rich woman with lots of money, but she is a harlot. Be careful of the harlot.  Don’t be swayed by sweet words.  Beware, beware, beware, for the harlot is there with a knife, with a gun, with all she needs to destroy what she has. So be it.  So be it.


1910. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 January 2007 at 7:08 AM

The Power of God is before you. The mysteries of Heaven are before you. What is up is down. What is down is up. The Power of the Holy Spirit will reveal the things of God. The Power of the Holy Spirit will protect everything that belongs to God. The mysteries of Heaven will be revealed through the Power of the Holy Spirit. The east and the west will meet; the north and the south will meet. The Ways of God are strange to man. The Ways of God are righteous, are pure, are direct. All Peace, and Honor and Glory belong to the Father. All Peace, Honor and Glory belong to the Son. All Peace, Honor and Glory belong to the Holy Spirit.

The wailing tongue is before you; the wailing tongue of the antichrist, the promises, things that are not of God. You have to open your ears. You have to open your eyes. You have to get into the Bible to learn the things of God, in the Manner of God. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit this will be revealed. The antichrist is before you. The ways of the devil are before you. You have to make a decision. You have to read the Bible. You have to pray. You have to seek your God with a pure heart, pure mind. You have to help your brothers and sisters, because the hand of the devil is there. The tongue of the antichrist is there. What seems right isn’t always right. What looks right isn’t always right. Keep your focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth with your whole heart, mind and soul. The day of dying is before you. The day of everlasting life is before you.

Remember, do not follow your pastors – FOLLOW Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the love of Heaven, with the love of everything that is there. The Arc of the Covenant is there. My Angeles are there. My Love is there. Glory be to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit. The moving mountain is there. It will spill all the ash, all its contents with fire and brimstone to cover the world. The Power, the Glory, the Majesty of Jehovah will be revealed. All Peace and Honor belong to Jehovah. All Peace, Honor and Glory belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All Peace and Honor belong to the Holy Spirit. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)


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