36. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the first week of February 1991 in English and Non- understandable tongues.

For Heaven is so great. For your body was not made to comprehend the Greatness of Heaven. For My Children, Heaven has everything wonderful, everything beautiful, and it lasts, and it lasts forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, beyond ever. Even Heaven itself is imaginable. So if you are having problems with the Bible, you'll never understand, or comprehend Heaven. For nothing but pure good, goodness and happiness is in Heaven, and you'll find your Creator there, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Jehovah and We will live there forever, and ever, and ever. Isn't that something.

So, My Children, the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That's very important! The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I love you, remember that. I love you. You are going to be put to the test. You are going to be tested to the max. Some of you will fall apart. Some of you will persevere, but like I said, go in that room, close the door, light that candle and pray. That candle will remind you that I am on My Way, but you have to realize, I am right with you too.


46. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 May 1992 Tuesday in Spanish, Non-understandable tongues.


I see a Golden Crown. I see a Pick and a Shovel with ribbons saying: "You worked for it. You earned it."




52. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 May 1992 in English.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Peace, Peace be with you. Peace with you. Peace, Peace be with you. For all that is in Heaven is at your feet. For all that is in Heaven is at your feet, My Children. All you have to do is ask. All you have to do is ask. Ask and it will be given.

Repent. Repent your Sins. I Love you. I Love you. Ask and you will be given. Oh My Children, My Children, My Love, My Sheep, My Lambs, by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you were redeemed.

Through the Blood of Jesus. You belong to Jesus. You belong to Jesus, King of the World. Jesus Christ of Nazareth your Savior.

The moon, the moon will turn red. The moon will turn red, and the stars will fall, for so it is written.

The sky, the sky is at War. The Angels, the Angels of Jesus Christ are fighting, and are winning. Oh, I love you so much My Children. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, you were saved.

Be careful. Be strong. Be careful, and Be strong. For you are not of this World. You are not of this World. Take care of yourselves. The Holy Spirit will guide you, and teach you into the path of righteousness, and into to Arms of Jesus.

Take care of each other. Take care of each other. Stop having a hard head. Forgive, forgive your enemies. Love thy enemies. Love your enemies. Love like a child, and I will hear you, and I will hear you.

I see a lot of anxiety. I see a lot of anxiety, but be patient. Be patient for you will find Peace in Heaven. Heaven is Beautiful, but you'll understand. You'll understand soon, because Heaven, Heaven was made for the Saints of Jesus Christ.

So stay clean and pure, and share the Word of Jesus Christ to the unbelievers for they have to hear also. I love you. I love you. I love you. This is Jesus. This is Jesus. This is Jesus. Help each other. Help each other.


53. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 May 1992, Sunday at 1:19 AM. in Tongues, English.

Come to Heaven where there is Peace, Tranquility forever. So saith, Jehovah. So saith Jehovah, for it will be complete when My Son slays the dragon, once and for all.


55. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 May 1992 in tongues, English, Spanish, and Non-understandable tongues.


I saw a bedroom slipper.

The slipper, the slipper of Heaven is waiting for the Saints, the slipper. For the mansions are ready, that I told you about in the past. The rooms in My Father's Kingdom are ready. (Non-understandable tongues?) for the (Non-understandable tongues?) is (Non-understandable tongues?) is the manner of the world. Eat your Shoes, eat the Shoes. I see, eat your shoes. I see, eat your shoes My Children.


57. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 May 1992 at 6:30 AM. Tuesday in tongues, in Spanish, English, and Non-understandable tongues.

For My Love is Strong, and the end will happen, just as I laid it out centuries ago. For you were not intended to live the way you live. My Plan for you is to have Peace, Tranquillity, Love, Happiness, Jubilation in a world that grows with the same values. So Listen, Plant the Seeds. I will help you water, and We will have a wondrous Garden with Plenty of Fruit. We want the Fruit.


65. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on Wednesday 27 May 1992 at 1:19 Am. in tongues, English.

Tell Me what you mean, what you say, for I know what's in your heart. I know when they're empty words, because I read the heart. I don't see your flesh. I love you, I might sound harsh, but there is a lot of love in Me. Reach for Me, touch Me, and I will touch you. And We can live in this wondrous Place, this wondrous Place called Heaven, that I especially made for the ones who reach for Me. I love you, My Children, be good to each other. For the hour and the day of the end is around the corner, remember that. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah.


68. Prophecy given Raymond Aguilera on the 28 May 1992 Thursday at 2:15 AM. in tongues, Spanish, English, non-understandable tongues.

For there is nothing in this Universe that was not made without My Spoken Word. It's hard for you to understand, but it's the truth, if you lucky ones get to Heaven, We'll talk about it there. And We'll sing, and We'll dance, and We'll really get to know each other, but it's a decision that you have to make on your own. I am not going to persuade you to the right or the left. I'll warn you, I'll send My Prophets, and I'll wait, the decision is yours. For I am the God of everlasting life, with My Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. May Peace and Love of thy neighbor grow in your heart forever. My Children, I say all this with love and affection for I know your heart. Farewell, My Children. Farewell My New Christians. I love you.


69. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 May 1992 at 11:11 AM Friday in Tongues, English.

Learn about your King, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings and you will see him. You will talk to him for you'll be in Heaven Forever. Though you feel at times that there is no such place, but take My Word for it, Jehovah does not lie. There is a Place: it's more Wondrous, more Beautiful, it's Everlasting. Your minds could never conceive such Happiness, such Goodness, such Righteousness.

Because you were raised in an evil world, you were brought into Sin. How can you judge something you have never experienced? It's beyond your comprehension, for by nature your Body is sinful and something sinful cannot comprehend something Righteous. So this is where Faith comes in, you have to Trust in the Prophets, you have to trust in the Law of God, Jehovah, the Bible. The Holy Spirit will guide you, and will show you, but you have to make a commitment on your own. You have to Trust in your God.


71. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 June 1992 at 1:22 AM. in English.

I know My Saints have been waiting and waiting and waiting, but like I mentioned through My Prophets, the time and the hour will arrive and We are approaching that time. I will not give you the date or the time, it will never be given until it exactly happens. So look to your Father Jehovah, to your King of Kings, your Lord of Lords Jesus Christ, and through the Power of the Holy Spirit you'll find Heaven and Us in the new established Kingdom. That will begin at the appointed time.


This is Jehovah, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that was and will be. Remember, My Lambs, My Sheep, for you I am there twenty-four hours a day with My Son and the Holy Spirit. Be joyful, be Happy for it will soon be over and We can start out again, new and fresh. For your Rooms are in place and are in order, be patient a little longer. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah with Love and Peace in My Heart. I welcome you. 


73. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 June 1992 at 1:48 AM. Thursday in tongues, Spanish, English, and Non-understandable tongues.

Those of you with Spirit filled Bodies, My Lambs, My Sheep will be brought up to Heaven as it was stated in the Bible. Be happy, be joyful for the Bugle in Heaven has started to ring, the sound of the Bells, of the Cheers, of the Laughter of the Angels. For it is coming to a close.

Open your ears, open your eyes, open your Bibles, and read, and see the Glory of Jehovah unfold before your eyes. For every Knee shall Bow, every Tongue shall Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings. For He has the authority to implement the Law of Jehovah without mercy, but with justice. I will be waiting for My Son, and the Sheep, and the Lambs that endured to the end. (non-understandable tongues?)

I love you My Sheep. My Lambs Unite, take care of each other for it's almost over. The Rooms have been completed, the Pearly Gates will be opened at the allotted time. Prepare yourselves, get in the Word, bring the Body of Christ together. This is your Father, Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of all that was, is, and will be. Harmony and Peace to My Sheep, for your Shepherd is on His way. I love you. I love you. I love you with all My Heart. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. Peace be with you My Lambs, My Sheep. I love you.


78. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 June 1992 at 12:01 noon in tongues in Spanish.

No one is going to push you to the right, or to the left. You have to use all that you have, in your Spirit, in your Mind, in your Body. You have to choose the devil or Me, your God who made everything. You have to choose, it is not hard. That's all you have to do. Choose in the manner that you want to go, because I have a Place made for the Saints, and a Place for the ones who don't like Me.


79. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 June 1992 at 12:54 Am Sunday in tongues English and in non-understandable tongues.

When your shoes and your feet come together, and they help you move swiftly over unexplored Land; to a Land that you could never comprehend in your Earthly Bodies; the Land of your Heavenly Host, where there is Order, there is Peace, there is Tranquility. The place where all the Saints of Jehovah live in Harmony forever.


86. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1992 at 2:51 AM. Thursday, in tongues, Spanish.

House, My House. They are ready, the rooms in Heaven for My Saints. Hear Me! Hear Me! It's all clean and everything is ready. The day that you come to Heaven with My Son, everything is going to be clean, for nothing in Heaven is dirty. And you can live in Heaven for all the days that there are days. You can do whatever you want. You can work. You can eat. You can take vacations. You can do whatever you want, but everything is clean. My Saints have to be clean, that's the only thing that I want. They have to be clean. There is much Happiness here.

This is your Father with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Hear Me! Heaven is waiting for you because the time is here, that I said to your Father's, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers. For what I say is the truth, but I want you to look for your Brothers and your Sisters. I want you to tell them about Christ, My Son, because they cannot come to Heaven without looking for My Son Jesus. The Christ of the whole World, of all that is.

Yes. Hear Me! Call your Brothers and Sisters on the telephone, by mail, however you want. Start now because time is running out. Hurry! Write to your brother; to your friend; to your girl friend, tell them that Heaven is open for everyone who loves My Son Jesus, and Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit. For there isn't anything here in this World that can save you, just Death with the devil.

Did you hear Me? Then clean your eyes and your ears because the day is coming of Jesus, My Son. Yes, call! Call everyone that you can; call in the streets; on the roads; in the restaurants, yes, on the train, on the bus, wherever. Tell them about Christ, about Heaven, about your Father, and about the Holy Spirit, because We love you with all our Hearts. And everything is clean and ready here. Your room! Your room, your bed, your table, your chair that you love so much. "I" This is your Father. This is your Father with the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


94. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 June 1992 at 3:04 PM. Tuesday in tongues English and non-understandable tongues.

For Heaven is wondrous, but hell is a place that you wouldn't want your family to be; your Mother, your Father, your Brother, your Sisters. For if you don't listen to My Words some are going to be in Heaven and some Brothers and Sisters in the other place. You don't want that and I don't want that.

The Holy Spirit is there to give you whatever you need. You have to trust in Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For there is going to be trouble on your Planet very soon. The players have their roles and they know it well. The wrath of Satan is going to fall on the Church with tears on My Eyes, I am pleading with you to make yourselves strong; turn to My Son, Jesus Christ. Repent! Don't depend on your Pastors, on your Leaders. For you will fall with them. Make yourself strong; go knock on doors; do whatever you have to do. For your reward in Heaven will be much. For I know who's Heart is Pure and who's isn't. And your reward in Heaven will be great. (Non-understandable tongues?)


96. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 2:31 AM. Thursday in tongues, Spanish, English and Non-understandable tongues.


The day is coming that is upon you, and you don't even realize it. My Children you must wake up. You must educate and inform your Children of what's ahead, for the abyss is in front of you. For when the clock strikes twelve is the time that the new Day begins. The new Day of the new World of the new Heaven will come just like when the clock strikes twelve and you'll have a new Day. That's how it will be in the end. It will be fast and swift but for the Good Ones, the Pure at Heart, the Righteous, the Ones who repent their sins, it is just the Glorious beginning.

For they will be in Heaven with Me, and My Son, and the Holy Spirit forever without a care, without a worry. Your Bodies of today have no idea or comprehension of what it is to live in total Peace and Harmony with your Brother, with your Sister, with Nature, with everything around you. It's wondrous. You can fantasize and imagine but it's more wondrous than you can fantasize. It's more wondrous than you could possible dream. For that's what is waiting for the Saints that turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


98. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 11:00 AM. in English.

But you have a choice to Love Us or not. The Word is basically simple, but man has made such a complex meaning of so many different words that are basically simple. For if you want to go to Heaven, you have to know how to Love and not expect anything in return. Do it because you want to, because Christ Loved you. He died for you because He Loved Me. He died for you. I sent My Son to die for you because I Loved you.


My Children, it's simple. It is so simple. Love your Father in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. That's all I ever asked of Adam and Eve, just to Love Me and I'd Love them back, but since the fall, since the fall of the Garden of Eden, everything has been mixed up, turned upside down by your Arch enemy the devil. But I am building My New Eden, My New Heaven, My New World and I am starting over fresh, clean. It's right around the corner.

I hope you listen to Me with an open Heart because it's so close. It is so close. It would scare you if you knew the date. But it comes down to the basic Word that was used in the Garden of Eden. "Love." That Word is going to be reestablished just like the Garden, in many years passed, when your Parents forsake Me, but listen, it doesn't mean it's over. It just means that We are approaching a New Level, a New World, a New Garden.

Prepare your Hearts and climb onto the Ark. Remember Noah. He Loved Me and I Loved him. The day of Noah is here once again. Remember I Love you. That's all. That is important. Never forsake your Father, your King of Kings, your Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Enforcer of My Law. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit I am going to bring you home very soon. Very soon. I Love you, never forget that. Jehovah Loves you. Your God forever.


103. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 June 1992 at 1:27 AM. Monday in English.

So My Children, My Lambs, turn to Jehovah, turn to Jesus, turn to the Holy Ghost. For the Love, Peace and Tranquility in Heaven will befall you if you're strong in Faith and Love your God, with all your Heart, all your Mind, all your Soul. This is Jehovah your God. This is Jehovah your God. This is Jehovah your God, with the Holy Spirit, and My Son Jesus. We love you all with our Hearts. We are hoping that you understand the meaning of True Love. For your God is Love Today, Tomorrow, and Always.


104. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 June 1992 at 9:15 AM. in English.

So My Sheep, My Lambs, make yourselves strong, stronger than you ever have. For this World, this Planet of yours is going to be shaken beyond belief. The climates will change, the mood of the people will change, there will be a War beyond comprehension. All these things will happen as it was stated in the Bible. Then I will close the book on this Planet, and then We will have a New World, a New Heaven, a New Beginning, and Children will live the way they were designed to live with Peace, Harmony, Jubilation, Joy, beyond your wildest Dreams.

I love you all, down to the very last one. Peace and Love to you all. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, your God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. We welcome you into Heaven. Peace be with you, My Children.


119. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 June 1992 at 12:30 AM. in English.

I love you My Children. My Christians, My Lambs, My Sheep, I adore you. Do not follow the way of Satan. Do not do as the Beast does. Do not do as the evil One does for the hour is approaching that your Heavenly Father will bring to a close this Planet Earth.

With Love, with Peace, with Tranquility, I ask you to read the Bible, forgive your neighbor, love your neighbor, be good to each other, unite Body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and pray to Me, Jehovah, and My Son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you. He will direct you toward Heaven where you'll find lasting Peace.

It's more wonderful than your Mind could comprehend. For everything that is Good and Righteous is your Father in Heaven, with My Son and the Holy Spirit. For We want you to live with Us in Heaven but We are not going to coerce you. We're not going to point you to the right or the left. You have to be willing do it on your own. For Love does not force. For Love does not demand. For Love Loves, and Love grows.

So Peace be with you My Children. Remember My Words, Love each other, trust each other, depend on each other, help each other, and I'll see you in Heaven for all the time that there is time. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, your loving Father, with My Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For the Mansions are ready, Clean and Prepared. Peace be with you My Children. Peace be with you My Children. This is Jehovah your loving Father, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit.


157. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 July 1992 at 2:18 PM. on Wednesday in Spanish.

My Happiness to My Saints. This is your Father, the Father of everything with My Son and the Holy Spirit. I'll see you in Heaven. When you arrive, I'll give you a Kiss and I'll Hug you, and I'll show you the World of Heaven. Did you hear Me? This is your Father with Love on My Lips. I am telling you all that is the truth. 


163. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 July 1992 at 1:20 AM. in Spanish and in Tongues.

For I love you. I love you with all of My Heart My Sons, My Daughters. It doesn't matter what you have done or what you want to do. I want you to repent of all your sins and I will forget what you have done. I'll open My Hands. I'll Hug you and Kiss you and I'll make you a large house in Heaven. For I love you with all of My Heart.


510. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 July 1994 at 8:40 AM in Spanish.

For I am going to shut this book of this world, and I am going to start new. I told you clearly. I told you to the point, the things of God, and it's not hard to understand what I have said. For I am telling you simply the things that are going to happen, the things of your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in the manner that you can understand. For the things of Heaven are easy. I'll see you in Heaven and We are going to have a party. For you have arrived at your house for all the time that there is time. With tears, I tell you the things of Heaven.

517. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 August 1994 at 3:21 PM.

I sent you My Son with tears I sent you My Son, and you didn't change the way, the way of man, the way of the devil. With the Blood of My Son, with the Blood of everything that is of your God, I am going to turn My Back on you. For you turned your back on Me. That is the correct manner. That's the manner of God. You didn't seek Me, but the ones that heard Me; the Ones that did what My Son told them, I am going to save, with all of Heaven, with My Angels, with all that is straight, with all that is of Heaven.

They're not going to suffer for all the days that there are days, they are going to have joy. They are going to have joy and they are going to do what they want. For the God of Heaven, of the world, of all that He made, He is going to take care of them, with the Word, with the Holy Spirit. For they Loved Me. They looked for Me with all of the fever of their spirit, with all that they had. They looked for Me. Those are the Sheep of My Son. They are My Sheep and of the Holy Spirit and what is Mine I protect. The rest, I will bury in the ground. For here comes the flies for all that is not buried.


934. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1996 at 7:07 PM. in Spanish.

But I know My sheep, the ones who seek Me, and I am going to show them the Word of God Clearly and to the Point. It has arrived: the day of the road, the road that is not wide; for that road leads to My House where We are going to have a fiesta (party). This fiesta is on the other end of the road. If you read the Bible, it will show you the signs. It will give you the Map to the road that is not so wide, for the table is already; the food is already finished. All of My Angels are anxiously waiting, for We all are going to be a family. But I know that you don't know what I am saying - for you have never read the Bible.


1132. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 December 1997 at 8:30 AM.

The Lord said, "In My Father's House, there are many mansions, and I am preparing one for you."


Then I was given a vision of names being placed on something that looked like a rug. This rug was all rolled up except where the names were being placed. It reminded me of rolled paper scrolls that were used in the old Jewish, Roman, and Greek days to write on. But this accounting material looked like some kind of rug like material. I could see the names being placed on it, but I was not allowed to see who was placing the names on this rug or how they were being placed on this material. It almost looked like if they were stamped on with golden letters, but I am not really sure. Though in my spirit, I knew someone was placing them on; I was not allowed to see who it was. Somehow - I also knew in my spirit, that the people of these names had just died. I was shocked to see so many names being placed on this material so fast. This material was extremely large and wide, and as these names were placed on it; it slowly rolled up. (over)


1176. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 June 1998 at 5:35 PM. in Spanish.

Remember the Carpenter. Do you remember the Carpenter? The One, who changed everything. The One, who changed all of the Spirit, all of the world, all of Heaven. Remember the Carpenter! If you open the Bible, you can read about the Carpenter. Yes - all that the Carpenter did - is in the Bible. Why, why, why! Why - because everything became filthy. The Carpenter corrected all that was filthy and He made it clean.

Yes, there is the Carpenter with his outreached Hands ready to hug you, and to give you a Kiss. Did you hear Me? Here comes the Lips of the Carpenter. For if you are clean; you can hug Him; you can Kiss Him! Yes, yes and He will make you a House. With the Hands of the Carpenter, He will build you a very large House in Heaven. Yes, My sons and daughters! There it is all straight and pointed. Hurry read the Bible from the beginning to the end.

Hey - how is it going with the things of God. The Carpenter knows for all that is of the Father is of the Carpenter. Did you hear Me with your ears? You can see with your eyes all what it says in the Bible, but you have to open it with your hands. Yes - it has arrived - the day of the Carpenter. (over)


1199. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 August 1998 at 2:30 AM. in Spanish.

I am, I am, I am My son! If you take out your camera and you take pictures of all that you see; you can see Me! This is the Truth! All that is - is My Face to the point! But what is filthy is of the devil! But if you look at the things that are straight, the things that are of God with the Love of God; you can take your camera and take many pictures of My Face! All that is filthy I am going to correct to the point! But if you want to see Me; you can look at the sky; you can look at your son, daughter; you can look into the mirror and look at your face; you can look at where you live; where you work; all the things that you use your camera can photograph My Face!

You believe, you cannot see Me, that you cannot hear Me, but all that there is - is your God! All that is correct! All that is good with My Son Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. All that is clean is Mine. The rest belongs to the devil. And I am going to gather him with all that is filthy and I am going to place it in the pit. In that way - when you take your camera, all the photographs are going to have the Face of your God. Laughing with Joy, for you went to heaven with your Father. We can say jokes, We can eat, We can sing, We can do all the good things that are from God.

There are some of you who do not believe Me, but it is the Truth and to the point! You still do not know the things of God. All that you know is what I leave you and what I show you to see. But there are many, many things that I have not shown you yet that are there in front of you. But that is another story that I will tell you when you come to heaven. Then We can walk hand to hand and I will show you. I will point them all out to you. For you are My son and My daughter and I Love you with all that there is!

Yes, Reymundo, tell the people of the world, of the Heart of your Father, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit. I know and you know, that there are many things that people do not understand, but that is the Job of your God. He is going to correct everything to the point at the time He has written down. Alright now, sleep and rest for it has arrived another day. Do not forget your camera! Hurry, sleep! (over)


1578. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 January 2001 at 7 PM.

During Eva's worship time, the Lord began to speak to me and give me visions and Words.


The Lord began by giving me a vision of a dinosaur walking away from me.


And He said, "Man is going to go like the dinosaur. This planet has outlived its usefulness."


Then the Lord showed Himself building this New World, which was about three to four times larger than the Planet Earth. Then the Planet Earth disappeared.

This made me feel so helpless and sad, that I wanted to cry. It also made me understand the importance of my work with the Lord, and how I must move forward at all costs. (over)


1689. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 August 2002 at 6:20 PM in Spanish and English.

I asked the Lord to tell me about Heaven and He began to speak.


It is I! It is I, son! It is I! Yes, it is I!


Remember what I showed you years and years ago about hell? This area - that isn't an area. That had walls - that didn't have walls. You are wondering about Heaven and you are wondering about the deep things of God. I can tell you all there is in Heaven, down to the minutest detail, but you would not understand in human terms. You wouldn't be able to comprehend, for your mind, your intellect isn't equipped to understand Heaven.

The descriptions of what you call Heaven, paradise in a sense are symbols that I placed in the Bible and in people's minds so they could comprehend a place, another dimension that would be comprehendible. That you could comprehend, that there is a place that you are going to. These symbols are representations of the actual thing. There is Peace. There is Love. There is Jesus. There is the Holy Spirit, and there is Me, the Father, Jehovah. But even these things are so deep - you cannot really comprehend them in the flesh. I can only relate symbols to you that your mind can comprehend in some way. There have been people who have died, have killed themselves, to go to Heaven and it isn't the way man thinks it is. These symbols of mansions, these symbols of a wondrous place - is more wondrous than you can comprehend. But it is in a different - I could say dimension - I could say place - I could say the Word, "Heaven". But these Words do not really give a - an idea of what Heaven is.

It is a place to strive to be with, with your King of Kings, the Holy Spirit. People have said that they have died and saw Jesus at the end of the white tunnel and they saw their relatives. These things are manifestations of a Heaven. Let's put it that way, of a place that is real to your mind but in reality - the REAL Heaven is beyond that. It's - it is like trying to explain to you - what is on the other side of the universe. You could assume this, you could assume that, but you wouldn't really know until you got there. That is what Heaven is. It is the best of the best of the best - of the Best of God. It is a place you want to go to. It is the extreme of goodness. It is the extreme of satisfaction. These are still all Words that you could not comprehend in the flesh.

Heaven is where I Live with My Son and the Holy Spirit, with My Angels. It is My Home, My Home that I want to share with you for all eternity. This is where faith comes in. You have to trust the Word in the Bible. You have to trust My Word. You have to trust Jesus Christ. You have to trust the Holy Spirit. You have to believe in God. That there is only One God and We created everything. But it doesn't mean that Heaven is an impossible place to reach. Actually it is very easy. It is as close as the front of your nose, maybe closer.

But still We have that same problem - it's like the scripture in the Bible. When Jesus told the disciples that they had to eat His flesh, drink His Blood. Many couldn't comprehend such an act. Heaven is like that - it's like the wonder of wonder - the goodness of goodness - a tranquil place where everything is complete - no error - no fault. These are still Words.

This is still a very deep subject, Reymundo. I know that you are trying to comprehend - trying to get a glimpse of Heaven. Some day you will be in Heaven and you will understand these Words that I have given you today. But I know that many of the people, who read the Prophecies, want to know more. There are limitations - limitations in your body - in your sinful nature that can't comprehend these things because they are beyond something that a sinful nature can comprehend. But if all of these people could understand, could see a microsecond of Heaven, they would change their ways, their life forever.

Somehow people do have an idea because I tell the Holy Spirit to place these spiritual gifts in certain people around the world. But even that is still a glimpse. If you really knew you would cry and you would cry and you would cry and you would cry of gladness. You would be overwhelmed with the goodness, with the things of God. This is why I try so hard through the different Prophecies to tell people to turn away from their sinful ways, to look for My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit things can change - your attitudes. The ways that the world sees things - in a sense are satanic.

Like I have said in other Prophecies there is another place - completely the opposite. It is so bad I don't even like to talk about it. But this is this place I have created for the things that do not belong to Me, for the things of the devil. You have heard Me say many times, "Those who follow the devil will live with the devil", which is true. But I don't want anyone to follow the devil. I don't want anyone to live with the devil.

I know the sinful nature of man and that is not possible, that is why I have the scriptures that state: "The wide gate, the narrow gate", because most people want to go the easy way. They want to have faith, they want to have faith, but they do not want to work at it. You can't work your way into Heaven - you can't have your faith into Heaven. You need a balance. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit you will get that balance. Through reading the Bible. Through praying. Through Communion with My Son, actually it is very simple. Theologians write books and books and books about it, but in reality it is very simple. Like I said, "It is closer than the end of your nose".

Trust Me, follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the Power of the Spirit of God you will find Me, you will find Heaven. You won't regret it, but remember what the Bible says during the end times. For not one Letter - for not one Word will be missed. Everything will happen from the good to the bad.

I Love you all My Children. I watch over you everyday and even that is hard for you to comprehend. That I could Love you enough to watch every single one of you. But remember, I invented the Word, "Love". You have no idea or comprehension what that Word means. My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth Loves you. The Holy Spirit Loves you, and I Love you. We Three are One. We Three are going to save what belongs to Us and place the rest in the other place. Remember, "Do unto others as you have them do unto you, and Love your Father with all of your heart, all your mind, all your soul", and you are halfway to Heaven already.

Well, Reymundo, did I answer your question about Heaven? Until another day. Maybe I will tell you some more, but remember, send out My Prophecies, send out My Words to the whole world. And don't worry about money, don't worry about anything, but Love your Father with all of your heart, all your mind and all your soul and all will be well. Until next time My little Reymundo, until next time. (over)


1767. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 December 2003 at 3:30 PM in Spanish, English and Tongues


I am, My son, all that you see, all that you touch, all that you think.  I am all -the Flame of God, the Flame of My Son Jesus, the Flame of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, I am all!  It has arrived.  Yes, it has arrived, the star.  The Star of God, it has arrived to the point.  It has arrived!  Open your eyes.  Open your ears.  Open all that you have in your spirit.  It has arrived!


Yes, My Children, the hour and the date has been set.  The Star will come.  The Star will fall.  The Star will hit.  People believe that things like this could never happen.  They believe they are in control of their destinies.  Manís destiny is the pit, Ė for not obeying, for not following Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  The rest, the remnant, will be in Heaven for all the days that are days. 

The elephant is wise.  The elephant is pointed.  Yes.  The ears of the donkey are blinded, are blinded by the things of man, are blinded by greed, by self determination, by the ways of man.  The donkey will fall at the appointed time.  The things of Jehovah will be clearly revealed to the leadership of the world.  They will be frightened.  They will be seeking the help of other men, but man cannot protect you from the wrath of God. 

Remember the Psalms.  Remember the Book of Wisdom.  Remember the Palm of Jehovah.  It moves fast - faster than the eye can see.  Remember the Love of God.  It is pointed, it is directed at everything that is straight, everything that is righteous.

People believe that they can control the environment Ė they can control their lives Ė they can control the babies that they produce and all they seem to do is to destroy, to kill without love, without remorse, without the thought of God.  Through the centuries, I have watched and watched patiently as man destroyed itself, as man destroyed his neighbor.  Greed is death.  It will find you a place in this pit that I have created.  Man believes he can buy his way into Heaven.  Man believes he is living in Heaven now.  What a fantasy!  Man has no idea of reality even though it preaches reality.  Man is a fantasy of man.  It is all a lie. 


1791. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 August 2004 at 2:54 PM

I am the Lord.  I am the Lord of all Ė all that you see, all that you touch, all that you want!  Peace, love, patience, endurance, Ė all these things come from the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Father Jehovah.  Peace will never come from man.  For man loves to destroy everything he touches, everything he sees, Ė everything he wants.  People have died through the centuries for manís ideals.  For the greed of man is large, as large as an ocean.  His heart can never be filled with enough things, enough power. 

Open your minds, open your ears, open your heart, remember the Ring of the Bride will only come to those who love the Father, who love Jesus Christ, who love the Holy Spirit.  The Power and Might Rest in the Hands of God.  Peace and glory be to My Prophets.  Peace and glory be to all who spread the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  For the Power and Might Rest in the Hands of the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  These are not empty Words Ė these are Words of Power and Might. 

Heaven is the place where life begins for all the time there is time, and where peace lives forever.  Peace is beyond manís understanding.  For the glory of man is the devil.  Remember, the things of man are evil, wicked, Ė deceitful. 


1892. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 December 2006 at 12:47 AM

Good morning Reymundo, here we meet again. The Heart of a Lion, remember My Words; The Heart of a Lion is pure, is direct, is sure. It belongs to My Children, who follow My Commands, obey Me, trust Me and give Me their hearts. The Heart of a Lion, the Lion of Judah. Remember, the things of the Bible, the things of the past of many years ago. It is written that the Son of Man must come down, must suffer, must die, must be resurrected, must be taken up again into Heaven and place at the Right Hand of the Father Jehovah. The Heart of a Lion is strong, is brave, is pure, is loving for those who obey. The things of Heaven are secure. The things of Heaven will be there forever, so will My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, seated at the Right Hand of the Father, with Power and Glory, with Majesty.

To get to Heaven isnít very hard. All you have to do is read the Bible, pray, be obedient to God, love your brothers and sisters, trust God, seek God, and you have a good start. The reading of the Bible from beginning to the end is a good start. It shows you how the Lord selected a group of people to be His own. How He expanded this Love of His for His people, and brought in other people from other tribes, from other groups that didnít know Him. He embraced them all. He Loves them all. He will take care of them all. He will protect them all. This has been going on for hundreds of years and it will keep on going until the end times. Then the Lord will separate what is good from what is bad. He will take up His own with the Love of Heaven. Along the way He might correct a few, might discipline a few, but He has the Love of all. The Purest of Love, the Love that can correct, the Love that can embrace, the Love that can forgive; the Heart of a Lion.

I Love everything that is good and obedient, Reymundo. I donít care where it comes from. If it seeks Me with the love of a child, with the innocence of a child, with the heart of a child, I will embrace it. I will kiss it and I will take it home. Remember the Words of the Bible. But you canít remember the Words of the Bible; if you havenít read the Bible. So for those who have not read the Bible, open it up at the beginning, read until the last page is finished and pray and pray and pray. You will read a section that tells you to have Communion. Follow the instructions. Have Communion every day with the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, with Love of the Holy Spirit, and all will go well.

You will find obstacles along the road; Satan, all his followers, all the unbelievers, all the blasphemers, all those who like the things of man, that follow the ways of the devil. They have a path also. Stay away from such people. Their path goes nowhere but to the pit.

Some of the things of the Lord Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth asked are very easy, very simple, sometimes some are chosen to follow a little more difficult path. But it all leads to the same place; Heaven, where Jesus Christ of Nazareth is, where Jehovah is, where the Holy Spirit is. Remember the Heart of Lion, big, large, enormous, pure, sweet, loving. Those are only a few Words to describe your God. There are so many in so many different languages, but they are all pointing to Heaven. They are all pointing to Jehovah, to Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit. Your Lord Jehovah Loves all, it doesnít matter if you are a woman, whether you are a man, whether you are a child. He will embrace all of you. If you have done some wrong things, been in the wrong place at the wrong time, repent! Seek Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and I will forgive you.

This goes for you pastors too. We both know you have been wrong. We both know you have not been sincere in a lot of areas at a lot of times. Repent! Correct your ways, the Heart of a Lion is forgiving, is Loving. Do what is right! We welcome you to Heaven if you follow the Manners of God. My Peace I give you in all things. So saith Jehovah. So saith Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So saith the Holy Spirit.

Repent! Repent all of you that need repentance. Seek the True God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and you will live forever and ever and ever, for all the time there is time. One Path, One direction, Jehovah God needs a commitment that is sincere, that is direct, that is pointed, that doesnít go to the right or to the left, the commitment of a pure innocent little child that is seeking their God with the innocence of Heaven.

Now tell your brothers and sisters, everyone you know what your Father Jehovah has just told you. Tell them! Tell them that there is a way to Heaven and save them through the Word of God. They will watch you and they will see if you bear good fruit or you bear bad fruit. They will see! Jehovah will see, Jesus Christ will see, the Holy Spirit will see. Remember, the path to the Heavens is through the Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Remember that through the Blood of the Lamb, you will find the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)


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