Jesus and Satan



13. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 December 1990 in Spanish.

How are you? How are you? How is it going My Sons, My Daughters? My Sons and Daughters, how are you? This is your Father. This is your Father. Oh, how is it going? How is it?

Oh, did you read the Bible? Did you read the Bible today? Ah, why not? Why didn't you read it today? Oh, you have to read it. You have to read it everyday, for there is My Word, My Straight Word, the Straight Word. Oh, read the Bible. Read the Bible My Sons. Read the Bible My Sons and My Daughters.

Yes, Yes My Sons and Daughters, I am here. I am here in Heaven, and inside your chest, and inside your chest. This is the Father. This is the Father.

Hear Me! Hear Me, My Sons, and My Daughters the time has arrived. It has arrived My Sons and Daughters.

Oh, I love you so much. I love you so much with all of My Heart. I love you with My Heart. Yes, yes, like I am telling you. Like I am telling you all that has happened, all that has happened.

Oh, in Heaven, the Christ is fighting with the devil. Yes, this minute. This minute with all of the Angels, with all the Angels. He is fighting. He is fighting. There are millions, millions, millions, of devils, but there's My Son. My Son is going to win, is going to win.


19. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 15 December 1990 through the 1 January 1991 in English, and Non-understandable tongues.


Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir. Yes sir, this is the Great Jehovah. This is the Great Jehovah. This is the Great Jehovah,

My Children, My Children, My Children. Ah, love yea, love yea, love yea. Look in the Stars, look in the Heavens. Look at the Stars and look at the Heavens. Have you seen any signs there?

Many, Many, signs, miracles, of the War that's going on in Heaven, in the Stars, in the Sky. Yes there is a big War going on, a big War. The War between Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the devil, the devil, the devil.


33. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 January 91 in tongues English.

But listen. Listen. I am listening to you with the Love of My Heart. With the love of My Heart. Man, if you only could understand, if you could only understand My Son, My Son, My Son is there. He's there with you. He's doing battle now. He is fighting the war. He is fighting the demons. He's fighting Satan.


110. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 June 1992 at 10:34 AM. Thursday in English.

I want you Ray, to fix your eyes on the Horizon. For the day will be upon you where the sign that I told you earlier will appear. That sign is the sign of the Heavenly Host that will touch your lips and will change you into a new person from what you have been. For you are doing the job that I told you to do correctly and exactly how I told you.

You're Right on the Path that I so destined you, before you were born. You will receive the Gifts that I have been telling you. For the Gifts will appear at the appropriate time. For they will be used to the fullest extent of your ability. The hour is upon you to carry My Word to the far corners of the World for the World will be no more.

The Star will arrive at the appointed time, for the Star is on its way. The time for it to come will amaze and astonish the whole world. For the Heavenly Host will be appearing when the Commerce and Oil Finances of the World will be at its peak. The sound of the trumpet will sound in the Heavens and on Earth. For the closing of the trap on the devil will be complete. The Saints that Preserve and that stay Clean and Righteous will meet My Son in the Cloud.

The hour is at Hand. The day will be a wondrous and triumphant conclusion to the long and awaited return of My Son. The Angels that have been fighting the War in Heaven are exuberant and are impatiently waiting for the new arrivals. So beware of the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the Worship of the Beast.

Come all you faithful Christians, come all thee faithful Christians for your endurance will win you your Mansions in Heaven beyond your comprehension. I know that you have suffered. I know that you love Me in your Hearts. For the Heart is what I read, not the Mind, not the Lip, only the Heart. For you carried your Cross triumphantly through all the obstacles that Satan threw at you.

For your love and your dedication to Me, Jehovah and My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit, We warmly and triumphantly welcome you into Heaven at the appropriate time. For you endured to the end. My Peace. My Love will be expressed when you enter the Pearly Gates. For once you step through those Pearly Gates you will Never, Never, Never, Never, have to worry again. For you kept your word and I will keep Mine. For My Word is the First and the Last and that commitment will never be Broken. I love My Sheep, My Lambs, for you endured to the end. 


155. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 July 1992 at 7:31 AM. in Spanish.

The War is going well. For My Son with the Angels are fighting very hard. They are fighting day and night, day and night, day and night, but the devil hasn't a chance for I am the God of everything, of the World, of Heaven. He can't hide for I know where he is. There is no place he can go and he knows the day of the devil has arrived too. The pit is ready for him, his angels, the saints that chose him. The pit is very large.


208. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 September 1992 at 7:25 AM. in Spanish.

The branch of My Son has to wake up. It has to wake up, for the date that is in the Bible is here. The date that the Body is going to suffer, for all the sins it has done. It is going to suffer. The Church of My Son Jesus, your Christ, is going to suffer for the sins it has done, because it did not look for the brothers and sisters like My Son said. They didn't feed the Body, the Food of My Son, the Mass. They didn't eat the Mass, like My Son told them.

What a shame, but the day has arrived that the devil is going to want to eat the Body of My Son with pointed teeth, with his tongue hanging out, with the lips and patience of a mad dog. The day has arrived the Body of the Church of My Son has to make itself strong. They have to eat the Mass. They have to look for their brothers and sisters. They have to pray with all of their spirit, with all of their mind, with all that they have. The force of the devil is going to be very hard.

I want them to gather, the Christians that love My Son. I want them to study the Bible everyday. I want them to pray everyday. I want them to Drink and eat the Mass if they want to save themselves. I want them to look for the sick ones. I want them to look for the old women and old men that are living in the street. I want them to look for the ones which are sick. Are you listening to Me? Are you writing what I am telling you? Or are you just there with your fingers in your ears, or your fingers over your eyes?

LISTEN TO ME NOW! Remove your fingers from your ears and I want you to remove your fingers from your eyes, for if you don't do what I tell you, you're going to suffer, and you're going to have My Word on it. For My Word never comes back void. Did you hear Me? Or are you Deaf and Blind? This is your God, the One who made the World, Heaven, all that is, all that you see, all that you touch with My Son Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I am losing My Patience, for if you want to live with the devil, leave your eyes and ears closed. For I am going to give you to the devil if you don't listen to Me. There are many that are suffering in hospitals; in the streets without clothes; without a place to sleep; and there are many that don't know Me because you're lazy. All you want is for Me to give you things, but you don't do what I tell you.

The day is here that was said in the Bible and you're still sitting down on your bottom doing nothing, watching your television, playing with your toys, with the ball. The ball is not going to help you. I, your God, of the Stars, the One that made everything, I am the only One that can help you.

I want you to stop watching television. I want you to stop playing ball. I WANT YOU TO LOOK FOR MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS THAT ARE IN THE STREETS NOW! I don't care if you're a pastor or if you're someone who doesn't know the Bible. I am telling you clearly and to the point, for My Hand is heavy and you don't want to play games with My Hand, for when it hits you, it will hurt you.

I am telling you with tears but there are many that still don't have My Word. For you people are lazy sitting there watching your television and doing nothing, making yourselves fat with what I give you. And what am I going to do? I am going to take away everything I have given you, for you're so lazy, and there are many that don't have My Word and they live right next to you. You don't have to go to another country to look for them. For they're right there with you.

Are you listening to Me or are you mad for you don't like what I am telling you? "FOR I DON'T CARE IF YOU GET MAD!" Did you hear Me? "I don't care if you get mad." I am going to tell you once more. "I DON'T CARE IF YOU GET MAD." For I have a Heavy Hand. When you took the Name of My Son Christ you had a responsibly to do what He said. And all you do is sit there in your chair watching your television with all of your friends, when there are people dying in the streets, and the pastors are the same.

What a shame, but I have warned you. For the day that was stated in the Bible will arrive shortly, but how do you know. For you don't read the Bible. There you are, sitting there watching your toys, your ball. I am telling you with tears, but when I say something, something happens. Did you hear Me or are you Mad? It looks like you're not writing what I am telling you. But its not important to Me if you believe Me or not. For what I say is going to be, if it does well in your ears and in your mind, or if it does bad in your ears and your mind, I don't care, for I am going to close this World.

The day is here! My Son is ready. The Ark is ready. My Son and the Angels are already fighting the devil in Heaven, and in the World with such a force. You wouldn't believe what I am telling you, for you don't see it, or sense it, because you're watching your ball game and making yourself fat, because you're so lazy. You look so gross in front of that square Box watching your pictures, but don't say I didn't' tell you, that I didn't warn you.

This is your Father, the One which made the World, the Stars, all that you're doing, and all that you are looking at. With tears I am telling you the truth. The day has arrived that's in the Bible, and that's all that I am going to tell you on this date. FOR I AM MAD WITH YOU, with all of My Heart, and all of My Mind. For you didn't do what My Son said, the Christ, when He was hung on the Cross; when He was living with you in the Body; in the Flesh. What a shame, but I am going to send you to the pit, because you are Deaf and Blind. 


290. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 February 1993 at 11:34 AM. in Spanish.

I know you are tired, but We are helping you. For I know you have the nerve of God. The nerve of the Father. The nerve of the Son, and the nerve of the Holy Spirit. You have to hear Me, for what you are putting down and writing is very important. For your God is using you so you can tell the Sheep, and the Lambs the things of God, the things of the Spirit.

There are many things that the people of the world don't know, and We have to show them; the things that are around them; above and below; the things of the spirit, of the spirit of the devil; but don't get scared for My Angels are helping you, with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the Force of everything. No one can Beat Him.

This is your God that is telling you the things from Heaven, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Don't worry Reymundo. I know that you are hungry. I know that you are sleepy, but make yourself strong for We have work to do.

Reymundo, I have the Ring. I have the Ring for the wedding, for the Wife of My Son Jesus. Yes, Reymundo. The Ring is ready. All of Heaven is ready. Everyone is fighting the devil with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of the Father, with the Force of My Son.

Just write, and tell the people that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are there with them. Tell them not to be afraid with the things that are going to happen. Tell them to make themselves strong, and to pray, and to pray, and to pray, and to fast, and to fast. It is very important that they pray with the Heart of God.

Yes. Reymundo. They have to make themselves strong, the Body of My Son. For the time of suffering has arrived, the time that's coming. The devil is going to want to stop and eat the Body of My Son. For the time of the devil is finishing. For I am going to hit him, like I hit a fly.

That's why you have to make yourself strong, and you have to write what I tell you. For My Sheep, My Seeds have to know, they have to learn the manner of God; the Father, the Son Jesus the Christ, with the Holy Spirit.

Rest My Little Son, for a little while, but I want you to get up, and write more into your computer. Did you hear Me? Rest for a little while, and then I want you to get up. We have work to do in the manner of God, with the Love of Heaven, I tell you these things. Rest, My Reymundo, rest. 


370. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 October 1993 at 8:57 AM. in English.

I know Ray, I know you are in doubt. I know that you need things. I know that you are standing and waiting for orders, and waiting for the Lord to deliver, but certain things have to happen at certain times. Be patient. Be wise, for the universe is being turned upside down, and inside out.

The war in the Heavenlies is being fought fiercely for the rebellion is being brought under control. My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Commander in Chief, is correcting, is fighting all the demonic forces in the universe.

So be patient. Be wise. Keep the armor of God on. All the promises that I promised will be done at the proper time. I know you sense the battle, the war, in the spirit at times, but that is a very small portion of the entire war in the spirit. For the Battle in the Heavenlies is fierce. You cannot comprehend with your mind, the extent, the vastness of the war that is going on in the Heavens right now, just do your job.

Be patient. Be wise and watch Jehovah God do the wondrous, the miraculous things of Heaven, they will be done according to My Plan. Listen Ray, I will guide you. I will direct you. You have to Pray. You have to focus, for the Sheep, the Lambs must receive My Word.

For the vengeance of the devil will hit the Planet Earth without mercy, with hunger for the Blood of My Lambs, My Sheep, and they must be instructed on what to do, and how to do it; to protect themselves, through prayer, through fasting, through repentance.

Be strong, be brave, Ray, you can do it. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and ONLY JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH and you will be okay. I Love you. This is your Father Jehovah with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Hang in there, Ray, you can do it.


537. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 August 1994 at 7 AM. in Spanish.

The Scrub Board, look at the Scrub Board, the Scrub Board of Heaven. Yes, the Scrub Board of Heaven has arrived. The One that's going to clear all that is filthy, all that is of the devil. The Scrub Board has arrived. Point your noses straight and directly at My Son Jesus, and We will help you, with all that is clean, with all that is from Heaven, with all that is from the Father, and of the Holy Spirit. There's My Son ready with all the soldiers of Heaven. He is fighting with all the devils. He is cleaning all with the Scrub Board. The Scrub Board of Heaven with the Force of Heaven.


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