Stand on the Rock


1026. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 March 1997 at 7:56 AM. in Spanish.

I am - I am the life; the life of all that you see, all that you touch, all that you know. I am, I am, I am. I am the life. I hear your tears to the point! You believe that I do not hear you, but I hear ALL. I am going to help you with My Hands. I am going to help you with all that you need. I know - that you have suffered. I hear your tears everyday to the point. It has arrived, Reymundo, the date that I told you years ago. All that I promised has arrived. I am going to send people; I am going to send what you need. And the other things you asked about from the Bible. I am going to open your eyes and ears to Word, of the things that you do not know.

For We are arriving at the date, the date of the end. My Time is not the time of man. All is going to go to the Time of God (Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father). We Three are One with the Force of Force, with the Love of Love, with ALL that there is.

All the Words that you have written are going to scare the world, and they are going to cry. For they are going to know that the things they have studied in the Bible are the things of man, with the mind of man. For they did not have pure hearts and pointed toward My Son Jesus. They were not standing on top of the Rock of My Son. They were standing on top of rock of the devil. The word of man is the word of man, if you use the Bible or if do not use the Bible; this is the same thing. This is the word of man.

But if you stand on top of the Rock of My Son Jesus, and you pray to Me with the Heart of Love. I will open your eyes. I will open your ears, and the things of the Bible will begin to become clear, to the point. And when you hear them, and when they hit your heart; you are going to fall onto the floor, and on the floor you are going to cry. For you are going to know with those tears that these are the Words of your God. For the Words of God have Force. The word of man has the pit. Remember what I have told you. I am going to take what is pointed, directly, and to the point toward My Son. That is all that I want. The rest - is going to the pit. For what is mine is mine. The rest I do not want! It is worthless!

It is not important to Me if you are tall, short, fat or if you are intelligent or if you know nothing. What I see is the HEART. The Heart that seeks Me with all that you have, with all the Mind, with all the Heart, with all your spirit, with all that you have. People are going to be frightened because they believed they had Me, and they are going to find out they had nothing. For their hearts were dirty.

Hurry - Reymundo! We have to begin to write everything I have said to you. For the world is going to be frightened clearly and to the point with the Force of God. Did you hear Me Clearly? Did you hear Me to the Point? Do not worry about the people who believe they know it all. For I have a place for people like that. Oh, Oh, Oh! I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, but they do not want to hear. For their hearts are hard. But what is going to happen is going to happen at the Time of God. Hurry My son, We have to begin another Page of the Word of God. (over)


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