The Iceberg


808. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 October 1995 at 12 noon.

The Lord showed me an iceberg.


The Lord said, "You see this iceberg?"

I said, "Yes."

"Do you see the TOP OF IT?", He said.

I said, "Yes."

He said, "That is the Body of My Son that people know. Look under the water. That's the real church. The part that's underwater. I am going to awaken it. I am going to direct it, and I am going to use it with the Power of the Holy Spirit, with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power of My Son. This is the Great I am I am, I am I am, I am I am." (over)


809. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 October 1995 at 4:34 PM in English.

"I am the Father. I am the Creator of the universe, of the stars, of everything you see, of everything you touch, of everything that's going to be. There is going to come a day, when the earth is going to shake to the right and to the left with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power of Jesus, and with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Make yourself Strong. Make yourself Brave. Make yourself Bold. For the Word of Jehovah is going to shake and rattle and roll this little planet of yours.

This complacent church; this complacent Body that has been asleep for so many years is going to shake, rattle, and roll, with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power of Jesus, with the Power of the Holy Spirit. And I don't mean the churches that have buildings, the churches that are complacent, that are DEAD. I mean the hidden Body of My Son, the ones that are in the closets; the ones that are in the homes; the ones that have My Power. They are going to be awaken with the Holy Spirit. For that was the Body that was chastised. That was the Body that was abused. THAT IS THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

Are you listening to the Words that I am telling you? THAT BODY RIGHT THERE..., is about one hundred times bigger than the Body that claims to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the churches. The little boxes they have built up in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; the ones that are all asleep; that are blind; that step on the widows and kick the poor around because they don't have the funds to give them. The ones who chastise the prophets and the apostles. That's NOT the Body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is underground because the leaders of the church of man are not doing the Word of the Lord. They are doing the word of man, in the manner of man. They do not seek the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit speaks; they cover their ears. When the Holy Spirit shows; they cover their eyes. What a shame! What a shame! For the Power of God is there..., before them. But they are a stiff neck people. They are a hard headed people. They WON'T LISTEN!

But you are out of time. So I am awakening, I am showing the Body that is hidden in the closets, in the houses the TRUE POWER OF THE LORD. For they are the ones that are going to be the doers, the shakers, the rattlers. That's the revival, but they are not going to listen to the denominational theologies of the churches. They are going to listen to Jesus Christ. They are going to listen to Jehovah. They are going to listen to the Holy Spirit and ONLY the HOLY SPIRIT, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE FATHER JEHOVAH. For that's where the POWER LIES. The Power that created the heavens; the Power that created the world; the Power that created their bodies. That's where all the LOVE LIES. Everything that's good, everything that's righteous, everything that is of the Lord of Lords, of the King of Kings. With the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit I tell you the truth.

The end is approaching very rapidly so I am waking up My Warriors. The ones that got abused, the ones that got kicked out of the churches for prophesying, the ones that have nothing but the LOVE OF GOD in the spirit. They are seeking in the spirit; they walk in the spirit. They know My Voice when I speak, and they cry when they hear My Voice. To them I am going to give the power, TO THEM WHO HEAR MY VOICE! I tell you all of these things through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Power of Jesus Christ's Name, through My Name, Jehovah. For My Word will not come back void.

You are going to see many tears, not the tears of sadness, but the tears of joy. Because I am going to start touching their spirits and they are going to drop to their knees and cry, and they are going to pray, and they are going to pray, and they are going to pray, and they are going to have communion, and they are going to repent. For they know that the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, with the Father and the Holy Spirit is alive. For I am going to give them the Power of the Spirit.

So you theologians, you wise men of the Word; BEWARE, BECAUSE I AM AWAKENING THE HIDDEN BODY OF MY SON. They are going to receive the Power. They are going to be the movers, the shakers of this little planet. Because you have Me in a box. You hard headed pastors; you hard headed teachers; you hard headed preachers; are so blind and so dumb. You seek the word of man. I'll give you the word of man, and you'll have to take the trial and tribulations that come with that church. For I am going to protect My Flock and ONLY My Flock. If you want to stand alone, I'll let you stand alone. For you have no business using the Name of My Son for your own deceitful purposes. So be it. So be it." (over)


873. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 March 1996 at 10:57 AM. in English.


The Lord showed me a White lit candle and it separated into two images. Then the first image disappeared and the image that was left was the second image.


The meaning of the Candle that was lit (first one) was the body of Christ; the Church that we see today with our eyes and hear with our ears. It will disappear from the surface of the earth and it will change into the second Candle. This Church is one hundred times larger than the Church that we see today. It will absorb the Church that we do see. This is the Word of Jehovah. This is the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the Word of the Holy Spirit.

You have been warned; You have been instructed. Keep focused on Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your guide. Stay strong for your world will change suddenly without warning. You will see many who claim to be Christians, leaders, people of the congregations, people of the parishes, fall away, renounce, and denounce, their faith, their God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit, and Jehovah. You will be shocked; You will cry. For the ones who are deceiving you for the money, for the power, for the glory, will be exposed. For the purification of the Body, for the purification of the leadership, will begin as the Churches separate. Watch the Words that I tell you are trust worthy. They are TRUE!

The Church or Churches that you see all over the world will disappear, but the Church that one sees, but the Lord Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will absorb the Church that everyone sees, the Church of vanity, the Church of sin, the Church of pride, the Church of man. You are going to have closet Churches, the Church of God, with the Power of God, with the strength of God. Listen to My Words; for they are straight; they are clear, and they are to the point. It will happen suddenly without warning.

I have let the Body of Christ - that is seen by the world- blaspheme. I have seen the Body of Christ- that you see in the world - profane My Word. I will stop it!, all in one day, all in one hour. And the Church of the Body that you see that no one recognizes will become strong, will become powerful. For it's head is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Father, and the Holy Spirit. For the wise will become stupid, and the unlearned will become wise. The hour and the day has been set.

You are approaching at an extremely fast speed, the big vast void, the cliff of darkness that the world is running toward at supersonic speed without knowing what is ahead. It is rapidly approaching. If you do not put on your brakes you and your friends will go over. You must pull away from the world, the world's thinking, the world's theology, and move into the underground Church of the Lord, the Humble Church, the Meek Church, but the Church with Power. The Church that reads the Bible with the eyes of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the eyes of the Holy Spirit, with the eyes of Jehovah, with the Heart of Jesus Christ, with the Heart of the Holy Spirit, with the Heart of Jehovah.

Repent! Repent of your evil ways, and I will HELP YOU! I will place you in My Hands, and protect you with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power Jesus, and with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Have Communion everyday. It doesn't matter if people know or not because I will know! And that's the most important thing in the universe-That I know! That your heart is turned to the righteousness of God, to the Purity of God, to the best of your ability. Remember the cross! Remember the Communion! Remember My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the Power and the Glory go to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. So I have said it. This is your Father Jehovah with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. (over)


1130. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 December 1997 at 5:45 PM.

During prayer as I was driving home from a small job, when the Lord said to me, "Raymond, tell Mark Gabrielson, that he has moved from the exposed iceberg to below the waterline."

Then the Lord showed me the iceberg of Vision #808. (over)


1590. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 February 2001 at 12:45 PM.

Oh, sleeping church, just as My Reymundo was asleep and all of this evil was being done to him - "That's the way it will be in the end times." The hour and the day will not be known until it happens - just as Reymundo didn't know.

You better wake-up. For the hour and the time will be here - without warning, without a sign! It hurts Me so to see a dead church on this planet. A church that My Son started, and (which) began with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The church that is so busy playing games. Trying to make money. Trying to build up their - own personal pride. The evil in this planet has reached the point, almost as when I flooded it, adultery, killing, murder, lies by religious leaders, idolaters.

People just do not care. I have lost My patience. Mark My Words! Just as Reymundo was asleep, unaware - that's the way it is going to be in the end. "No one!" will know the time, the place, the hour, the second. But this planet will be wiped clean. Are you listening to My Words? Or are you still reading the Bible and making it say what you wanted it to say.

If you think, I am joking, you will find out the Power of God, the Love of God, the Mercy of God. I forgive anybody for anything, but either you are for Me or you are against Me! There is no middle ground and that is to the point!

Reymundo's ministry that I have placed him in charge of is growing leaps and bounds. He has no idea of the millions and millions and millions and millions of people he has touched. And yet! - at this point in time, he has a difficulty paying his electric bill, his taxes, the simple day to day things that everybody takes for granted at times. But the mark My little Reymundo has done is changing the world, changing attitudes, destroying theologies, awaking the church with the Power of My Word. Most of the time he doesn't know what is going on. But blind obedience is precious to Me.

Like it says in the Bible, those who believe they know - know nothing! Only the humble, only the meek are precious to Me. Those that have the heart of children, the innocence of a child is - what is needed in this Body. Innocent children can become warriors.

Listen to My Words, sin is all around you, the enemy is all around you. You are sheep being prepared for the slaughter and you are playing church! You are not going to the streets. You are not helping the sick. You are not even reading the Bible, and when you read the Bible - you read it with your eyes closed, your heart closed.

What a shame! What a shame! That man and the devil has corrupted what was made for good, but I have many, many, many true believers there. That nobody even knows - that they are there. They are in their prayer closets. Most of them are not in church. They are under the waterline, remember the iceberg. The church that so proudly seeks itself in the authority of My Son - is blind - is stupid and is going to be wiped clean. But the underground church, the church of prayer warriors, the church that obeys My Word, the church who listens to Me with an open heart, the church who loves Me to the end - is LARGE!

But not large as the evil, the evilness, that is in this planet. For they are marching down the narrow road. Wide is the road that most people will follow, and a lot church people are on the wide road. So the next time you church leaders kick out somebody from your church, remember, that person you are kicking out might belong to Me. And the tables will be turned, when I kick you out of the Wedding Supper if you even get that close. There going to come a time in a point where I am going to see you eye to Eye, through My Son, through the Holy Spirit and you will not be able to fool Me. You can make a lot of money on the planet now in the Name of Jesus Christ, and your blind dumb sheep will follow you to the pit.

But that matters not to Me - for My sheep hear My Voice and follow My Voice. Your sheep become evil because of your training of your attitudes of your ways. There is going to come a point in time, they are going to become so blind, so arrogant, and they are going to have so much pride - that they are going to follow the antichrist in all his bidding, in all his ways. And they all are going to live together in this place that I have prepared. They do not believe in prophets. They do not believe in prophecies. They believe in their idols, their theology, the ways of man. But We will see, who will win in the end. We will see who is God! We will see what will happen.

People are sending many prayers for Reymundo. My Ears are rattling with joy, but do not worry what Reymundo will do. Don't worry what has happened to Reymundo. I will take care of Reymundo. You take care you follow My Word! For what God puts into motion "No one can stop!" Evil begets evil. My Word begets righteousness and salvation. Remember do not worry about Reymundo. I have warriors that pray - that I have given money to, that can keep this ministry going. For these things belong to Me! And I take care of what belongs to Me. Remember the end is before you - you stupid children of the devil. No mercy will be given you. So be it! So be it! This is your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit giving you wisdom from Heaven. So be it! (over)


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