The Creature




70. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 May 1992 Saturday at 3:23 AM. in tongues in Spanish and English.

For there are so many demonic forces out there, it would make your Head Spin. Some of you are going to be scared, just by listening to what I am saying at this very moment, but that is the reality. You Pastors are so ill equipped. You haven't the foggiest idea of what a demon is. You're looking for middle class solutions to a Spirit. You think you can solve them by sending them to an analyst, when the analyst himself might be possessed by a Spirit. Satan has done his Job well, but you don't have to worry if you're in the Body of Christ. And if you're strong in the Body of Christ. For only the strong will make it, the Pure and the Clean, the Honest, the Righteous. For there are many Christians that call themselves Christians, and are worse off than non-Christians, in their thinking and theology.


82. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 June 1992 at 7:34 PM. Monday in tongues English.

I know you're still worried, but that's where Faith comes in Ray. You have to have the Faith. You have to trust Me, but I am going to give you some Gifts that you can use to protect yourself, when you get attacked by certain Theologians, certain Christians, certain New Agers, certain Witches, certain Demons. For I know you have been Battling on an hour to hour basis with Demonic Forces, for the last three years. I know you were completely confused at the beginning, but you wear your armor well now Ray. They don't mess with you like they used to, because I have you so well protected. I can still understand how you feel. For when they do take those arrows and they catch you with your shield down, I know it hurts, but you're doing good, you're doing well.


94. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 June 1992 at 3:04 PM. Tuesday in tongues English and non-understandable tongues.

You have so many problems. I am sorry to say no one is really helping each other in the manner that was directed in the Bible. Everybody is going their own way. You're so worried about Doctrine. You're so worried about being accepted, by the in group in your Church. I want you to be in the in group with the homeless, the hungry, the sick. That's the in group. That's the group that Christ came to help: The ones who had no one; the ones who smell when you approach them; the ones that are so skinny they are falling on their face; the ones who are freezing at night because they are sleeping in the streets; the ones that the demons have gotten so wrapped into drugs and sex and they don't know what to do.

I gave you the Power through the Holy Spirit to cast out demons, to cure the sick. All the gifts I have given you but you have been so busy in your little clicks, in your little Church trying to satisfy each other. What a Shame. What a Shame. What a Shame. I Love you all, and I want you all to live in Heaven. It doesn't matter what you have done. It doesn't matter what you're doing. What does matter is if you're hearing My Word and you don't correct your ways. For then you are lost, for the devil won you.


102. Prophecy given on 22 June 1992 at 12:51 AM. on Monday, in English, and an occurrence on 20 June 1992 at 2:12 Am. on Saturday.

That was a demon that called you on the phone. They were mad because you gave the Prophecies to your pastor but there is nothing they can do, not a thing. You're in My Hands.


107. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 June 1992 at 5:24 PM. in English.

I want you to listen to Me, Ray. Because what you are feeling at the present time is an attack from the enemy. So keep your Armor on. Make yourself strong, and pray until the battle is over. Then proceed to type My Written Word, just have patience. You will get attacked, that is part of War, but like I told you earlier, you are heavily protected, but you have to pray and pray with strength, with conviction.

For I know they are trying to work on your mind. I know they are trying to convince you to stop. I know they are trying to confuse you. I know the enemy is compiling some heavy demonic forces against you this very second. You have sensed it in your spirit. That's why you have been praying. So keep praying, make yourself strong. For there is nothing they can do.

For you are in the Hand of God. My Angels are all over your house, in the air, in your room, all over. You can't see them, but they are doing the fighting for you. But your prayers direct them. They direct them in the spirit to the areas you are vulnerable. Your prayers will direct the Angels to combat the demonic forces, that are concentrating on your weak areas.

I know you feel the pressure of the War. I know you are a very determined man. So hang in there. We have a lot more to talk about, a lot more things to say. I know you are falling behind, but that's to be expected. For I have a lot to say, so hang in there, and pray until this little battle is over. Then go back to your computer, and get to work. For the information you are putting down is important. You might not see it, or understand it right now, but you will see later.


114. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 June 1992 at 11:02 AM. in English.

Be attentive, be courageous, for the enemy has been trying to confuse you, with women, with money, with friends, with pastors, with ideas that are contrary to My Word. Focus all your mind, all your soul, and your spirit in one direction towards Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For you have the Power of the Holy Ghost in you, though you don't know how to use it, as of today.

But when it does appear, be assured that nothing in the Universe can defeat the Holy Ghost. The Power, the Might of God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, can overcome anything and everything without any effort. So be strong, be wise. I know the walk is difficult at times. For the enemy Satan, is trying to throw his most powerful demonic force in your direction. I know you have not even sensed it or felt it because My Heavenly Angels have you so well protected. Nothing in the Universe can stop My Word through you.


127. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 July 1992 at 4:16 PM. in English.


I saw a multitude of Angels coming on a Cloud with a Trumpet of Horns sounding loudly and wailing with a sound that shook the Earth and the Heavens. All the demonic forces ran into hiding for they knew that their end was at hand.


136. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 July 1992 at 10:22 Am. Monday in English.

I will save you. For you are doing the will of Jehovah. I, Jehovah, the God of the Universe, the God of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and of all that will be, will save you Reymundo. For I know the struggles that you have regarding the Prophecies. For I know you'll endure and you'll accomplish My Will. For I know you are under attack with such force that you are really struggling.

For the enemy is throwing his most powerful demons at you on an hour to hour basis and I know you are confused. I know you are doing My Will anyway, even in the confusion, for you Love Me that much. That you deny yourself and you're blindly moving toward your Father in Heaven even though your Body is saying stop, "You're wrong, don't do it." You're still following My Will. For I know the struggle of the Flesh. So Ray, I commend you for being so obedient in denying yourself the luxuries of life, the luxury of the self. Be Strong, be Brave.


148. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 July 1992 at 6:38 PM. in English.

So be strong, be brave. Trust in God. I'll say it again! Trust in Jehovah, Creator of the Universe. For with him you can do anything that is Pure and Righteous, so saith Jehovah, your loving Father. You are in My Hands. So relax and swing that Sword at anything demonic that comes near you for that Sword will tear them to pieces. For I am taking off My Gloves against anything demonic and when you pray you do damage. Remember that when you pray you damage the bad. So don't take it for granted, because you don't see. This is your Father. This is your Father, Jehovah.


267. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 January 1993 at 12:06 AM. in Spanish.

You know what, I am going to show you the things that you need to know. For here comes the devil with his teeth. You have to hear Me! You have to open your ears and eyes, and point your nose toward Heaven. The Meat of the Body of God, of Jesus is Very Sweet, and the devil has a hunger for the things that are sweet. I want you to arm yourself. I know that you don't understand what I am telling you now.

For you don't study the Bible, and you don't know what to believe, but what you're fighting in the War, you cannot see, you cannot touch. You're in the War of the spirits. The spirits of the devil, and if you want to win, you have to learn the Word of God, and in that way you have a chance. For the spirits it's not important what they use to kill you, to use on top of your head, on top of your body. All that is bad comes from the dark spirits. The spirits of the devil.

They don't want you to study the Bible. For if you open the Book, and you read and study, they know they don't have a chance. But if they can fool you, if they can scare you in that way they win. For you didn't open that Book of the Word of your God. But you have to arm yourself everyday with the Word of God. When you sense the dark spirits around you, throw them the Words of God. Throw them to the Point, and Straight with the Force of the Holy Spirit with the Nerve of your God, the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. For in that way you can save yourself and you can make yourself valiant. For all that know My Son Jesus, your Christ, have to Arm themselves with the Word of God. For the things of the dark spirit are not the things you can play with. Those things are very serious, are all the things that are bad. They can kill you if you don't use the Word of God. Study and show your brother and sister, your son and your daughter, everyone you know. And in that way they can save themselves. For you cannot see them, you cannot touch them and there they are around you, using everything they can to scare you. For they want to eat you.

They want to take you to the Pit with them. For they have already lost the chance they had. And now they want to take everyone that they can take in the manner of the devil. Don't get scared of what I am telling you. For I am telling you in seriousness and I am telling you the truth. I don't want you to get lost. I don't want you to bury your head under the sand, if you want to save yourself. For I want to save you with the Love of Heaven, with the Love of My Son Jesus, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I am telling you the truth.

For if you are My Sheep, My Seed you will hear Me and you will do what I tell you. For you have the Love of your God. The One who made everything, the World, the Stars, all that you see, all that you touch, and all that you don't see. Arm yourself, Arm yourself with the Word of God.

Did you hear Me? This is your Father the One who made everything with My Word and the Holy Spirit. Here comes the end. I don't want to scare you, but I have to tell you the truth. For in that way you can save yourself. You cannot save yourself if I Lie to you. For all that comes from God of Heaven is Clean and is Correct and is to the Point. There are many black spirits that want to do evil for everything you do. Are you understanding what I am telling you? I want to give you the chance. I want to give you the chance to live in Heaven with Me.

But if you make yourself deaf the devil is going to eat you and that is the truth. I tell you with the Love of Heaven, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I know that this minute, you can't think. You are very sad, for you cannot understand what I am telling you, but it is the truth. You know it is the truth. I will see you, My son and My daughter make yourself strong, for I don't like, and don't want you to suffer.

I will take you to Heaven, I will Hug you and Kiss you, for here comes the time of the end. I tell you with tears, the things of the spirit, of the dark spirit, of the black spirit, of all that is bad and filthy. I will see you, and I will tell you more Words of your God in the days that are coming. I will tell you with Love for you are My Sheep. Study, do it, for your Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 


295. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 February 1993 at 3:48 PM. in Spanish.

This is the Word of your God, your Father. Right now, this minute, you are in the middle of a War that is very evil. It's so evil you wouldn't believe what is happening. That's why I am not telling you what is happening, or giving a vision of what is happening, for everything is filthy in the black spirits around you. They want to kill you. They want to eat you. They are throwing everything, all the strong evil spirits are around you. But don't worry, for I have My Angels around you, and no one is going to hit you. No one is going to do a thing. I will fix everything that the devil uses.


375. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 October 1993 at 2:15 PM.

I see an elephant running. The elephant is running very fast in my direction. There seems to be some kind of creature riding it. This creature looks like a large dark shadow and appears to be as large or larger than the elephant it's sitting on.


561. Prophecy

The Lord said, "The demons from Heaven will eat the flames of the earth."


571. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 September 1994 at 10:29 AM. in Spanish

That's the way it is. That's the way it is, My son, that's the way it is. That's the way it is, all, all the Prophecies that I told you. There they are, for the Body of your Christ, so they can read them, so they can study them. For it has arrived the things of the Bible. The things of your Father, they have arrived with Force. There's the Holy Spirit to help you Reymundo. Yes! All the things that I promised you, all the things that I told you about are going to happen. Exactly! I know the things that you have suffered this week.

But you are doing a very good job, the Work of your Father, the Work of your Son Jesus, the Work of the Holy Spirit. Yes! They are the most important things that are in the world. For you are My Lips and the Body of My Son has to know the Word of God, in the manner of God. For the end has arrived. All the bad spirits, they all know what they are going to do. All the men of the world that want the power, that want the things of the devil; they know already what to do and in the manner to do it. They are just waiting for the point, the point of the devil. Yes! And the manner of the devil is going to point them toward the throat of My Son.


753. Vision:

The next image was of an Angel. He had two demonic creatures in a head lock one under each arm almost, as if he was hitting there heads together. These demons were large and full bodied. They reminded me of two large buffaloes with big bulky bodies. Now I see another Angel carrying a child about 8 years old and standing to the left and behind the Angel with the demons in a head lock.


769. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 1995 at 3:00 AM.

Saturday I was totally exhausted, so I went camping, and most of the day I spent praying and trying to get some quality time with the Lord. Then early Sunday morning while sleeping on my stomach, a demonic spirit attacked me hard, and pinned me to the ground. This demonic creature, with his teeth clamped onto the back of my neck, totally paralyzed me. I sensed this enormous mouth wrapped around the back of my neck and I couldn't move. I believe, if it was allowed, it could of snapped my head right off. I was really frightened and kept praying and praying in my mind, and I tried to pretend I was asleep by snoring, but I could feel his teeth.

I don't really know..., and I don't really understand, but it seemed as if I was in the spirit and in the flesh, all at the same time. I believe I was in the spirit though, but I am not sure. Somehow I was able to reach behind me and touch this creature in the spirit, but my physical body was paralyzed and couldn't move. All I could feel were these enormous teeth that were three to four inches long and very sharp. Then I realized I was in big trouble!!! So I prayed and prayed (JESUS!, JESUS!, JESUS!) and the next thing I knew he was off and gone.

I was hit without any warning. It felt as if this creature had crashed the whole dome tent on top of me, and clamped his teeth around my neck instantaneously. But after the Lord removed this thing off, I could see that my tent was still up, my heart was beating rapidly, and the creature was gone. I cannot explain it, but I wasn't dreaming. Something hit me HARD and FAST in the spirit, and it vanished just as fast as it struck, but there were a few minutes of fear. (It felt like hours!) Though, I had the sensation that the Lord was stopping it from closing its jaws on my neck. (Thank you Lord.) So immediately I rolled onto my back and praised the Lord. Now, I was afraid to go back to asleep, but eventually I did.

Spiritual warfare is MORE than just praying in tongues. You're actually fighting demonic spirits that seem to have shapes and bodies that you cannot describe in the flesh. Almost as if they are animals in the spirit, but very REAL, VERY REAL!!! (over)


901. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 May 1996 at 1 AM. in Spanish.

Shoes. Yes, Reymundo, all the people of the world are going to need shoes, for they are going to have to run; they are going to have to hide themselves, if they want to live. The day of the shoes has arrived; the day of tears, the day that you have to hide. I know that the people that have read the prophecies are frightened; they are in tears; they are angry because they don't like to hear the Word of God, in the manner of God. They want to eat you, Reymundo, with the

teeth of the devil, for many that get angry have demons inside of them. That's why they get angry, for their god is angry. That's why they want to eat you, and they want to use the Bible to eat you. But don't worry about things like this, for I have made a place for people like this, with these demons. I am going to send them to the pit.

I want you to point your nose into the Bible. I want you to study, for the day has arrived where people won't have the Bible to study. The man, that I told you about earlier, is going to want to burn - to throw away all the Bibles of the world, for he is angry at the Word of God too. He is going to join with the soldiers; and he is going run after all of the Body of My Son, with the flame of the devil, with the heart of the devil. There are going to be many that are going to

suffer; and there are going to be many that are going to see things with their eyes. They never believed they would see - the things they are going to see, with their wives, with their husbands, with their sons and daughters. But everything is written in the Bible; how it is going to happen in the days of the end. It is there CLEARLY. It is written. I am not telling you something NEW!

If people get angry, it is because they have not read the Bible and they don't know a thing. Because, if they had read the Bible from the beginning to the end, they would know that what I am saying is correct and to the point; but they all want things in the manner of man. And, there are many of them who have demons inside of them - and you cannot tell them a thing, for the devil has already won them. And, I am also speaking about many, who claim to be Christians, the ones who jump and take the Bible in their hand and wave it in the air, shouting the Word of God, with the demons, with the lips of the devils. They believe they know it ALL, but they don't know a thing. They speak with the mouth of man, while they are holding the devil's hand. There - I am going to throw them, together, in the same pit because they are friends, and friends have to live together.


976. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 October 1996 at 12 AM.

I tell you these things so you will open your eyes, and to awaken your spirit. If you could only see all the dark spirits around you - you would seek Me in a hurry and you wouldn't wait. But I can see them. But how can you see? You don't even believe in dark spirits, for you are walking with them hand and hand. They are your friends. And the ones who go to church, they believe they are so great! There they walk in church, hand and hand with the dark spirits. I know they also are not going to like this Word, for they believe they are so great. They do not believe they can do wrong. They like to look down at people with their eyes; like they are god. They're sitting in the middle of devils. Oh - Oh - Oh!


1073. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 July 1997 at 1:30 PM. in English.

The Lord said, "The media, the movie makers, are going to want you to look to outer space, for other Beings, they call them Aliens. What I am telling you is: Do not look to outer space - look to inner space, for that is where they are. The spirit demons, the things that are not of God, the things that will destroy you. So look to the Bible; look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth; look to the Father; through the Power, through the Eyes of the Holy Spirit - you will find Heaven. Listen to My Words Clearly and to the Point: Inner space, inner space, inner space - is where the devil is. So be it. So be it. So be it." (over)


1343. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 June 1999 9:30 PM.

Then the Lord gave me a vision of the lower quarter of the Eiffel Tower (the arch part) in Paris. Then as I watched, I could see many, many dark demonic spirits moving under the arches or legs of the Eiffel Tower. They were so packed as they moved they could hardly squeeze through the base of the Eiffel Tower. (over)


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