Prophecy 104.


104. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 June 1992 at 9:15 AM. in English.

I will show you the world, Ray. I will show you how the Earth's people are in their Philosophy, in their Thinking. In the manner in which they approach Me, and in the manner they don't approach Me. Keep your eyes and ears open. Observe, and watch. For they are all My People, and I love them all to the very last one.

But there are those that have decided to go the other way, and for those, I will love them to the very last second. Then I will release them into the devil's hands forever, and ever, and ever. It's a shame. It's sad. It's a waste. But I gave everyone a free will, a free choice, and I am not going to force anyone to chase Me, to follow Me, to believe in Me. I will guide them. I will show them. I will put that spark in their heart, but they have to do it on their own.

For Love does not force. Love does not demand. Love does not insist. Love gives Love. Love receives Love. And then Love returns Love. Pretty simple. Pretty direct. But most people cannot understand that. They want to control, manipulate with selfish attitudes. They want to dominate. That's not Love. That's demonic. That's something that the devil uses to control people, because they are so insecure, but the time of the devil is finished.

The trials, and the tribulations, that people are going to go through, are really going to separate the good ones from the bad ones. There is nothing that can change what I have started. The realness of what is going to happen will shock the whole world, the leaders, the followers of the leaders, the people who think they know all.

The beast will destroy whatever he touches without reason, just because he wants to. Blood, dismembered bodies will be a common thing in the streets, in alleys. For he will have absolute power. Now you sinners, you people who do not follow Jehovah, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, will get an idea of the reality of what it is to follow Satan, your arch enemy. For you will follow him to the Pit, and live in the manner, in the shape, that his soul wills it, but the torment in Hell is no comparison to what will be on the Planet Earth very soon. For Hell is a place of gnashing and grinding of teeth, of total torment for eternity.

Sounds gruesome, sounds bad, but your God, Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, My Son, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, We are going to clean up everything that's in Heaven, that's on the Earth, and without question, without a bit of doubt, anything, and everything, that is evil will be cast down into Hell. Everything that is Clean and Pure will be Cleansed for Heaven. For My Spoken Word made the Heavens and the Earth, for Good, for what is Righteous, for what is Clean.

The Rebellion in Heaven started because Lucifer did not remain in the place that he was given, and with the authority, and responsibilities that was given him. He went against the Almighty Powerful God. But Jehovah, Jehovah God never loses, never has, never will. So the Rebellion is coming to a close, and anything that was contaminated by Lucifer, and his followers, will be cleaned up once and for all. Some of you might not like the idea of Hell, the creation of Hell, and the idea that wicked people will be placed in Hell, but you must remember, I am God Jehovah, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit.

My Son is the Enforcer, the Implementor of My Law. He is Just, and He is Right. Remember the word "Just." It's very important. For the people that go with the leaders of the Rebellion to the Pit, it sounds bad, it sounds gruesome, but it is Just. In the spiritual world, it is Just, and since you cannot comprehend the spiritual world, and the reality of the spiritual world, you can't comprehend this place called Hell, Gehenna. Because you think in Earthly terms. For the blaspheme against My Name, My Son and the Holy Spirit will not be allowed. For We are the Creators of the Universe. We Created everything through My Spoken Word, and what is not Just, what is not Right will be dealt with; Justly, and Rightly.

So, My Lambs, My Sheep, repent. Repent, turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the door. He has the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. For what I am saying is True, and is Right. For I am your God, Jehovah, and I do not Lie. But, I am not going to force you to believe Me. I am just going to state it to you, as simply as I can with Love on My Lips, and Love in My Heart.

I don't like what I see on the Planet Earth. It has gotten to the point, and to the point in time, that I have to close the Book on this little Planet. For the sin, and the abomination against Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit, has reached a point in time, that was stated in the Bible many thousands of years ago.

To you, it seems like a long time, but I, the Creator of time, it means nothing. You have to keep remembering the spiritual world operates with a different set of Rules, set of Laws, that your human sinful minds cannot comprehend, but yet, it is "for Real." It is more Real than what you can see, than what you can touch. For the Law of Jehovah, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit is absolute, and I mean, "ABSOLUTE."

So remember all these things My Children. For the time will come when you'll have to bow that knee to My Son, and confess, that Jesus Christ is, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. Then My Son will tell you the outcome of your fate forever. All these things sound very harsh, but coming to Heaven is basically simple. It is easy, if you really Love your God. Repent, turn to Jesus. Help thy neighbor. Love one another. Simple!

But if those statements are to difficult for you. Don't worry! For you will be directed to a place that thinks like you do, forever. If you feel you cannot change, do not worry. For, "You," will decide what direction you will go. We will just direct you in the direction of "Your" decision. Simple, Direct, and to the Point.

This is Jehovah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, of all that is, of all that will be, the First Word, the Last Word, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. We bid you Happiness, Joy, and Contentment to the ones who listen to My Word, and obey the Law of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. To the others, "Your god" will be talking to you soon.

So My Sheep, My Lambs, make yourselves strong, stronger than you ever have. For this World, this Planet of yours is going to be shaken beyond belief. The climates will change, the mood of the people will change, there will be a War beyond comprehension. All these things will happen as it was stated in the Bible. Then I will close the book on this Planet, and then We will have a New World, a New Heaven, a New Beginning, and Children will live the way they were designed to live with Peace, Harmony, Jubilation, Joy, beyond your wildest Dreams.

I love you all, down to the very last one. Peace and Love to you all. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, your God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. We welcome you into Heaven. Peace be with you, My Children.


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