The Spiritual Reality

44. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 May 1992 at 7:29 AM. in tongues, English, Spanish, and Non-Understandable Tongues.

Only those who have ears and have eyes will see. You have no comprehension of the reality of the Spiritual World. You have no Earthly means of Judging the reality of the Spiritual World without reading the Bible, and then it is difficult to comprehend. But the Reality is still very Real, and when the day of Mecca arrives the World will be shocked. For you have been warned, and warned, and warned, all you do is cover your eyes, cover your ears.


49. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 May 1992, Tuesday at 9:13 AM. in tongues, English.

You're used to your little world, your little toys, your little games, your little problems; how can you understand the spiritual world? It's more vast, more complex than your little minds can comprehend. This is your Father. The Father of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and will be, and has been.


70. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 May 1992 Saturday at 3:23 AM. in tongues in Spanish and English.

I am warning you now, Discern, Judge every Prophecy to the best of your ability, do not condemn. Because you do not understand, for the ways of the Spiritual World, the Flesh cannot always understand, that doesn't mean that it's false, but it doesn't mean it is true. The only way you can have any kind of a chance is to get into the Bible and read and study. Some of the Miracles that have happened and some that have been told will happen. For you're going to live through the time, you will see these things happen. I have always warned My People before the end. For I love you all.


82. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 June 1992 at 7:34 PM. Monday in tongues English.

For since time began the Saints that have received My Word, have had trouble in carrying it out. For the World cannot comprehend the Mind and the Methods of Jehovah, God. They never could and they never will. For they live in sin and the sin can never understand what is Righteous, what is Good. So I'll bare with you, as you bare with Me.


104. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 June 1992 at 9:15 AM. in English.

My Son is the Enforcer, the Implementor of My Law. He is Just, and He is Right. Remember the word "Just." It's very important. For the people that go with the leaders of the Rebellion to the Pit, it sounds bad, it sounds gruesome, but it is Just. In the spiritual world, it is Just, and since you cannot comprehend the spiritual world, and the reality of the spiritual world, you can't comprehend this place called Hell, Gehenna. Because you think in Earthly terms. For the blaspheme against My Name, My Son and the Holy Spirit will not be allowed. For We are the Creators of the Universe. We Created everything through My Spoken Word, and what is not Just, what is not Right will be dealt with; Justly, and Rightly.

So, My Lambs, My Sheep, repent. Repent, turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the door. He has the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. For what I am saying is True, and is Right. For I am your God, Jehovah, and I do not Lie. But, I am not going to force you to believe Me. I am just going to state it to you, as simply as I can with Love on My Lips, and Love in My Heart.

I don't like what I see on the Planet Earth. It has gotten to the point, and to the point in time, that I have to close the Book on this little Planet. For the sin, and the abomination against Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit, has reached a point in time, that was stated in the Bible many thousands of years ago.

To you, it seems like a long time, but I, the Creator of time, it means nothing. You have to keep remembering the spiritual world operates with a different set of Rules, set of Laws, that your human sinful minds cannot comprehend, but yet, it is "for Real." It is more Real than what you can see, than what you can touch. For the Law of Jehovah, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit is absolute, and I mean, "ABSOLUTE."


151. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 1992 at 8:18 AM. through 9:34 AM. Occurrence, Vision, and Prophecy in English.


About seven o'clock this morning while lying in bed my hand started to shake and extend out to the edge of the bed at ninety degrees from my body during prayer time. It is hard to explain but I am lying on my back with my right arm extended. It feels as if a spike has been driven through my palm and every now and then it shakes. It has been in that position for a half hour to forty-five minutes. I cannot move, for my right arm seems to be permanently fixed to the bed.

8:38 AM. My arm is still extended. I feel some pain at the palm but I am having visions. I am seeing a battle. I am seeing people on horses throwing spears and shooting arrows. I see horses and riders falling. There is a fierce battle going on. I don't know who is who. I see a rider wearing black, riding a white horse. I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. I see only half of the battle. I can't see what's going on with the other side of the battle. I see someone stretching a bow and arrow and shooting straight and hard. He is shooting to the left as I am facing him. I don't know where the arrow landed or where the other side is.

At the present time I am seeing some ugly looking thing with an ugly face almost like a dragon's face with beady eyes. Someone just cut it's head off and they are holding it up. Showing it to whoever is around. This whole thing is bizarre! My hand is getting numb.

I see a white horse fall and it's rider falls onto the ground. His horse is running off. The Rider rises to his feet and pulls his long sword. I see him swinging it. There are creatures coming at him but he is just standing there by himself.

WOW!! All of a sudden there is a sensation all over My body. This is incredible! My body is starting to tremble but I am still seeing this lone soldier or warrior swinging his sword. His adversaries keep coming and keep coming at an extremely rapid rate. They keep coming and they keep coming and he just keeps swinging his sword without fear, without a wasted movement.

He is not budging to the right or to the left but these things are coming extremely fast, I believe on horses? I am not really sure but he is mowing them down all by himself. He has a long sword, shiny and silver in color. I see an adversary jump on him. He catches him with his sword and he throws him off like a piece of toast. Then He stands there for the next one. HOW BIZARRE!

I see Christ now on a white horse looking down from this hill at this lone soldier. Christ doesn't say a Word. Now I see other soldiers on their white horses coming by and picking up the stranded soldier. They are so cool, so calm about it. There is no cheering. A soldier picks him up and they ride off double. They are so calm, so cool about it just as if it were another day. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!

I can see Christ at a distance. He is not riding with them. The neck of Christ's horse is incredibly thick with a white head. I really can't see Christ's Body but I know it's Him, if you can believe that. You can feel His Authority, His Power. My arm is starting to kill me with pain. It's starting to hurt. I don't know how long its been extended.

8:46 AM. I can't move it. I still feel the spike. I wish I could understand this stuff. The more I think I know, the more I know I do not know a thing. What's so funny is when these creatures get stabbed during the battle. I can't see their bodies. I have no idea where they fall or go. There are no bodies lying around but I did see them charge this lone soldier. My hand is really starting to hurt. That's all for right now.

8:50 AM. I see a tiger's face with bright red eyes staring at me. I really do not understand what's going on but I can see things in the Spiritual World. I surely cannot understand why or there meaning. I see this creature. I thought it was a Ram because its horns were curled and curlicue like a snail. They are really thick horns. This creature has a thin face and slender like a deer, but thinner than a Ram's head. I haven't the slightest idea what's going on. My mind is at a loss.

8:53 AM. I see this large white horse, the same one I saw before; strong looking and very full bodied but it's hard to explain. There is a bright light with nobody riding this horse and I am looking up at it. It's on a cloud and I see this other creature that looks like the airplane SST with its pointed nose and broad wings. I have no idea what it is. It's gray in color with big broad wings and claws. It's making a kind of squealing sound.

I see these Warriors on white horses running side by side. They are attacking this flying creature on their horses. It's funny because they are flying in the air. I don't know what's keeping them up. They have this creature surrounded. They are throwing things at it. These white horses with Soldier or Warriors are attacking this flying creature. They must have done something because the creature is falling to the ground, if there is a ground. It's going down, wherever down is. I do not see a planet or anything below. I see them riding off. Everything looks so calm, just as if it's an everyday occurrence. There is no cheering. I do not understand this stuff.

9:04 AM. Vision: I see this creature that looks almost like a dinosaur with a thin small face. It has a fin running up its back to its head. I see this other creature with a beak, two big eyes and its neck. I think one of them is flying. I don't see it but I sense something is flying. I can't tell its shape but I know something is up there flying. I feel pain and a pressure sensation going from my palm, up my wrist, up my arm, to my shoulder. At the present time it seems to stop there but I feel it "whooshing," going through my body to the other shoulder. It seems to stop there.

9:14 AM. Vision: I am looking directly down at the point of a pyramid. I mean directly at the vertex. I am quite a ways up. I don't understand this either.

9:18 AM. I have been praying in tongues for ten minutes. There are some strange sounds coming out of my prayer language. I don't understand.

9:24 AM. I am not really in any pain. I believe I could break this just by moving my hand but I am going to wait it out. There must be a reason behind all this. My right hand is sleepy and a little numb. I am not in any pain but I will see what happens.


Hello Ray! How do you feel, kind of bewildered? I am letting you see some of the things in the spiritual world. Just to give you an idea of why you can't understand some things. Your mind isn't equipped to understand the Spiritual World but it is a reality. Because you can't understand it, it doesn't mean it isn't real.

I want to thank you for your patience in recording the events you saw. As time progresses I'll show you other things but be patient. The Holy Spirit will guide you; will show you.

I know what you are seeing right now. A three headed monster, at least you think it's a monster. You're just used to seeing things with one head but there are things with many heads. Don't let it shock you. Don't let it startle you. I am just giving you a peak of the Spiritual World.

It's more vast, it's more complex than your mind could comprehend, for Jehovah God is a simple God. Yet His Creations, go on forever. The ways and manners of My Creations man cannot understand. He never could and he never will.

Your hand will come back to normal within five minutes. Have a good day. I know you have not been working. That's why I gave you this little job today. Just trust Me, Ray. Jehovah will not let you down. I will send people with money, with paper, with prayers, with whatever you need.

Just focus on Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you My son. Peace be with you My son, have a good day, and pray and have Communion. For the Earthquake will hit California. So think of Me and I will think of you with love and affection. I will protect you and guide you.

Your Heavenly Father with My Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will always be here for My Lambs and My Sheep. For I won't forsake My Saints, ever! You can count on that, Ray. This is Jehovah, Maker, Breaker of the Universe. The Same Today as Yesterday and Tomorrow. I love you My son, peace be with you. 


154. Prophecy, Vision, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 July 1992 at 5:37 PM.


Right now I feel like I am under heavy attack. I am so confused, the oppression is getting intense, but I'll keep on praying and try to record what I see. I haven't the foggiest idea of what's going on, but I can feel a pressure, the sensation of something trying to shut me up. My desire to pray has left me. This instant I see this enormous looking creature that I saw before in another vision. It looks like the SST airplane. It's real large and long with a mast, and its just flying.

I don't know.... I just don't know! I feel like I am right smack in the middle of a War. I just don't know whether to go on praying or to stand still or to hang it up. It's like you're in the middle of something beyond your comprehension. The Lord is showing me stuff.

I see a vision of a Ram. No, it's two Rams. They are locking horns. They are hitting each others head extremely hard. I hear this sound echoing, as they're trying to crack each others skull. What does this mean?

I see a big dark Cloud in the spiritual sky.


Whoever reads this better pray. You better pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom and the knowledge of what I am seeing, because I am at a loss! This minute there must be a heck of a battle going on some place in the spirit world. I don't know if I am getting the repercussions, but my skin has goose bumps all over, and my body has a trembling sensation.

I see something like a two headed dragon, no, it has three heads. It has three heads and I believe it has two tails. I don't know!... What is going on? I'll just keep on praying. I feel this tingling sensation on my body. I just don't know! I just don't know! What is going on? I feel like I got stabbed in the neck. I was going to record it and something said, "Don't record it." Something tells me I should.

I am seeing things and I don't know whether they are real or fantasy; creatures that look like they're right out of a science fiction film. I just wonder if I am making them up, but they look so real. I just don't know! Something just hit me in the neck though. I'll keep praying. I can't believe it's 6:06 PM. I got hit again in the neck somehow. I think there is a War going on in the Spiritual World.

I see the sky being filled with these black things, these creatures. You can't even see the sky.

The sky is so full of them, and they all combine and they form into a black creature, a vulture of some sort.

I keep seeing these arrows. There are hundreds and hundreds of arrows filling the sky. I believe Angels are shooting arrows at it. Why are they using arrows? I don't know, but that's what is flying through the air. Maybe that's what it means in the Bible when it says, "The sky would be darkened." For I cannot see much sky, only this black thing.

I believe this is a War I am watching, between God's Angels and Satan. It looks like a big battle. I can't see the Angels. I just see the arrows. I do see the creatures and the dark shadows, there is a swarm of them. I wonder if this is for real? It looks real! Something just hit me in the neck. Evidently there is a War going on in the Spirit. I don't even know why I am allowed to see what I am seeing. I just got hit in the ear. My ear is killing me. I am going to pray this out to see what happens. Wow! This is crazy, my body is shaking all over the place.

I see these white horses running. Ah, a whole herd. They're just running, but my body is just..., I don't know..., I don't know, something is hitting me. Something is... I don't know, I cannot explain it! My ear is starting to hurt, and my neck is starting to hurt, but I see this tremendous warfare.

I guess I see Arch Angels riding white horses running lickety-split through the sky. It doesn't make sense. They're moving fast and it looks like nothing can stop them. The horse's mane is flowing with the wind. How they can run in the sky is beyond me. They are chasing something. You cannot hear a sound, but you can sense the Power in their Stride. It's incredible! It's incredible! Whoever they are chasing, they better move.

I believe Christ is in the front. I see this enormous White Horse. For a minute, I thought it had two heads. That doesn't make sense. I thought it had two heads. Something there has two heads. I don't know..., What is going on? I see that the sky is breaking up. Those black creatures are running every which way.


I can see the sky now. Can this be a War I am seeing in the sky? Whatever was there is gone. The sky is clear now. That was fast.

I am trying to comprehend what I see and I can't even put words to it. I see this enormous white light. I don't know if it is the sun or God Himself. This is an enormous Bright Light.


My body is shaking, I can't even hold on to the tape recorder. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?----------WHAT 'S HAPPENING TO ME? You wouldn't believe me, if I told you. That must have been the Presence of God. MAN! It knocked the wind out of me! I am going to turn the tape recorder off. I have to catch my breath.

6:18 PM. I am back. I have goose bumps all over my body. I think,--- I got a glimpse of Jehovah. If it was Him or just an image of Him, I felt his Glory and my body just fell apart. I saw this enormous White Light. I thought it was the sun. Then my body started shaking so hard I couldn't hold on to the tape recorder. THE POWER OF GOD IS ENORMOUS. I felt no fear. You have to experience it. I can't describe it. Wow! I guess that's all I can say, Wow! I am all tired out. I feel great though, I am laughing and just feel good inside. I cannot explain it. I feel like every single hair on my body is standing on end. As if I am all charged up. It was only a second.

I can't explain it, I saw this White Horse, then as it stepped aside, or it went away, this White Light came from the sky like the sun and my body went crazy. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY CRAZY! Man! I can't explain this! You wouldn't believe me if I told you, over and over, and drew you pictures. I can't explain this! How can an image of a Light do that to you! But I feel Peace and Calm. Just the Power! God! My God! I know I didn't fantasize it! You can't fantasize that! I couldn't even hang on to the tape recorder. I don't understand!

You people that don't believe in God, Boy, are you in bad shape. Man..., Oh Man! That's all I can say! I have to calm my body down. I don't think I'll pray any more for a while. I don't know if I can take any more. I wish I was a writer or a poet, or, I wish I could describe in words what I saw, it's unbelievable. I can see why Satan is scared of God, oh Man!

That was just a second or two. Can you imagine the Power of God twenty four hours a day radiating over all the Universe. To you, it might be words, but that's incredible! Man! I think God would get a lot of instant converts if He just showed himself.... I really do! I am laughing when I say that because its the Truth. If He showed Himself to the Planet for a couple of seconds everyone would fall to the ground face down. I can see why they fell in the Bible like that. Wow!

It confuses me why He puts up with Satan. Why doesn't He just snuff him out? ABSOLUTE POWER! ABSOLUTELY! Wow! I know, I keep saying Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! How else can you describe God. With my limited vocabulary that's all I can say. Wow! I guess that's all! I have to get myself together.


Right after this last occurrence, I was worn out physically and kind of shook up a little. I guess I am not used to these spiritual happenings. I needed someone to talk to. For I was trying to get myself back to normal. I didn't know who to call. So I called Lilly, a lady from my church. What surprised me, is at the exact time that I was going through this occurrence, she went into travail. I talked to her for about an hour after this occurrence.

She said that as she was walking down her hallway she started to cry and pray in tongues. She said she knew she was interceding in a Spiritual War, but she didn't know for who. She said the warfare was so extremely intense she went into a bedroom and started to pray and intercede. She said the warfare was so strong that she knew she couldn't do it by herself. She was alone at home except for her young grammar school son, so she went into her kitchen, gabbed her son and went back into the bedroom. To her surprise, her son dropped to his knees and started crying and praying.

She said she didn't know who she was praying for, but she prayed to the Lord to let her know. To her surprise I call her. Evidently she was praying for me. I guess when I started getting attacked in the head and neck she went into travail. It's amazing how the Lord does these things. He picks people to pray for you and you don't even know it, even little Children. He uses whoever is available. It really surprised me when she told me what happened. The two events started almost at the exact time. This whole thing is incredible. Well, I guess that's about it.


279. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 January 1993 at 9:30 PM.


I had a vision in church, I saw a mountain, and then another identical one. Then both mountains fused together.

On the way home from church the Lord said: "They represent the spiritual world, and the real world. They are going to fuse. The War in the Heavens, and the War on the planet Earth are going to become one." That was the interpretation of the vision.


350. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 September 1993 at 3 AM.

I walked around my bed praying, just like the Prophecies said to do, until I couldn't walk or talk. I had a strong desire to pray these last few days and tonight was my first opportunity to really pray. Later I tried to get some sleep and sensed a Prophecy coming. I turned my tape recorder on and waited. It turned out to be some demonic voice. So I turned it off and erased the tape, and tried to go back to sleep.

Now I find myself under severe demonic attack and in the middle of a big spiritual war. I have been fighting it for the last hour because it's trying to cripple me. I have kept praying and rebuking it; trying to send it to the pit of hell under the Power of the Scripture where Christ said I could have anything if I asked in His Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It seemed to have disappeared for awhile, but it is very strong. It crippled me for a little bit; I am using the word crippled for I cannot think of another word to describe it in the flesh.

I sense the Presence of the Lord, but I still sense the presence of the war also. It's very intense, and I am extremely tired from the praying earlier. I am sleepy and I am going to try to get some sleep. All I can say is all the Power, Praise and Glory belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Father Jehovah, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don't know what's going on Lord, but the warfare is getting very heavy and difficult. I haven't had any sleep and I am tired, but I think the Book is done, at least it's up to date.

I praise you for giving me the opportunity to write it. I wish..., I could understand more of what's going on, but I don't think I want to. I guess some things are better left alone and to just trust you and walk on faith. It's your war, it's your battle. I praise you Lord. I praise you Jesus. I praise you Jehovah. I praise you Holy Spirit. I love you. Good night or good morning whichever, I am just so tired. Over.

3:07 AM.

I don't know, I just don't know! The war is just very intense right now and I can't sleep. Lord Jesus whatever is going on in the spirit, I need some protection. I need some protection now! I can feel..., and I sense the intense battle in the spirit all around me. Maybe its because I finished the Book; well, its not really finished..., but it's all there except for the latest stuff. Maybe the demonic forces are mad, I don't know. I don't know if I should get up and pray some more. I am just so tired, and I need some rest. Lord Jesus Christ, PLEASE!, tell me what to do. I can't think! I can't think!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bind any demonic force that's around me, in any manner, in any shape, in any form, in any strength. I bind you NOW!, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I send you to the pit of hell. I will not accept anything else, but complete binding, complete rebuking, and I send you to the pit of hell, or wherever the Lord Jesus Christ wants to send you. I will not put up with this!, in any manner, shape, or form.

I cover you with the Blood of Jesus. I soak you in the Blood of Jesus and I seal this house in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I cover the floors, the walls, the ceiling, everything around me in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I cover all my family, relatives, my friends, and everyone who has received the Prophecies, with the Blood of Christ. And I order this by the Power of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by the Scripture that stated in the Bible, that I can ask for anything if I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Over!

3:15 AM.

I sense my spirit flowing or floating around in my bed. I don't know any other way to explain it. Something is going on..., in the spirit, and I cannot explain it, in the flesh. All I can do is praise the Lord, and hope that it is over soon. That's all I can do for this is out of my hands. Over. (Praying in Non- understandable tongues)

3:20 AM. My house is creaking, not loudly, but making noises. I am sensing things in the spirit. I think..., I can hear noises in the spirit, (not in the room) in the spiritual world, moaning and groaning. I don't know if it's God's Angels, or the enemy, but I can sense the warfare. I don't know if the recorder is picking up the sound; I just don't understand some things in the spirit. I just know that they are real, and that they happen. Right now, this second..., "I frankly don't give a damn if people believe me or not, for I know what is happening is not natural, and there is nothing I can do, but pray and wait it out." (Praying in Non-understandable tongues)

I praise you Lord. I praise you, Lord Jehovah. I praise you Lord Holy Spirit. (Praying in Non- understandable tongues)

I Praise you Lord, all Power, Honor and Glory go to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All Power, Glory, and Authority go to Jehovah. All Power, Glory, and Authority go to the Holy Spirit. I praise you. I praise you Jesus. 


374. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 October 1993 at 10:30 AM.

During the typing of the Prophecies the Lord said, "Stop typing and Pray."

At first I didn't know if I was hearing Him correctly, so I kept typing until I finished the page. For some reason I sensed a strong urgency to stop what I was doing. This great sense to take Communion and anoint myself with oil before prayer was overwhelming.

After I had prepared myself, to my surprise I found myself in a major battle in the spirit. The speed of the warfare prayer language or tongues started slowly then proceeded more rapidly. This was the kind of prayer that takes all of your strength and energy; complete focusing is required just to stay in the battle. This sort of warfare prayer places you in some sort of spiritual plain or state that elevates you into the spiritual world. Though all your prayers do this every time you pray, all I can say is it is different, and I have no words to describe it other than what I have said. At times you can actually see what you are fighting, but you have to stay completely focused because these demonic forces can actually hurt you in the spirit.

During this warfare I saw a demonic looking stick figure about to throw some kind of spear at me, and my hand instantly raised, and my prayer language changed. This demon froze instantly as my hand raised up shaking with my prayer language going crazy saying unusual words. Even my dog and the neighbor's dog were barking, and were going crazy as the prayer in tongues was being yelled into the air. I don't know, but I might have received a couple of good blows in the spirit. It felt as if my armor had received a few dents. During one instance I thought I had gone down, but I don't really know. All I do know is, that I don't understand, the battle lasted about an hour, and that I am tired, and feel weak.

After the battle was over I was so exhausted, I had to lay down, for my throat was sore, and my lungs felt raw inside, as if I might have damaged them. It has been a long time since I have experienced such a strong warfare prayer in tongues.

During this prayer I sensed there was a gigantic Satanic assault in the spirit, and that the Lord had summoned His intercessors to do warfare. The tongue language just came out so fast, hard, direct and to the point. I felt..., I was going to explode with the sounds that were coming out of me, and my lungs were straining to the maximum. I kept inhaling for air at any opportunity as the warfare intensified.

As I am writing this I can remember the excitement, the thrill, and the overwhelming Power that the Holy Spirit sent through me. It is extremely difficult to describe because you are actually at war with something you cannot see, and at times you are allowed to see, but believe me, you know that they have power. During these times of warfare you have to totally trust and depend on the Lord to direct you, and to totally focus on what He tells you. That's why they call it War; for one could fall like in any war; that's why your focus is so important.

I kept saying to the Lord in my mind, "Give me more, give me more. I can take more, just keep my body together, just keep me together a little longer. Use me, use me!" But I knew that my body and lungs were straining at their limit. Then the prayer language changed to a different sound, an easier sound, and my lungs sensed relief. Then I was sent back into the war.

I kept saying to the Lord in my mind, "You trained me for this. This is why you trained me, keep me together, keep me together. I still have strength in me."

I knew I had the physical strength, but my lungs and throat were raw and sore. My body shook as my hands kept hitting the top of my desk violently, and my body went every which way. As I screamed and yelled in my prayer language I knew that I was in this gigantic war with many other intercessors partaking in this gigantic battle. I did not know for sure, but it felt as if the Lord was using intercessors from different areas of the planet for this battle, and I had my part to do.

The Massiveness of this battle was so incredible that all I kept telling myself was, "I was trained for this, I was trained for this, lets go for it Lord."

I had no idea of what was happening in the spirit, but it was Massive. Somehow I could sense the other intercessors in his battle. The Lord had pulled His Angelic army, and His intercessors together for this battle to stop this gigantic Satanic assault. This battle just ripped my lungs raw in tongues, and it was one of the most violent, and exhausting prayers I have had. After this hour of praying, I was totally wasted physically.

It has been several hours since the warfare, and I am having a difficult time recovering. I still don't know if the battle is over or if I got knocked out of it.

But I give you Lord, "All the Praise and Glory Lord. I just don't understand, but you said you wanted warriors, not wimps. I am doing the best I can. I thank you Lord."

As I am laying down I seem to be falling in and out of this dream state. I keep seeing this demonic face. I see his whole body and it is wearing a bright green dress. It looks like the dress my special female friend wore to a wedding a few years ago. I can see this demon standing outside on my deck looking into the house through the glass sliding door. I am also seeing things that I can not identify.

A minute ago, I thought I was holding my hand held tape recorder, and tried to turn it on, and realized that there wasn't anything in my hand, and I was speaking into my empty hand. I cannot explain it, but I thought for sure I was holding the tape recorder. This was not only shocking, but very weird. This minute, I don't know whether I am asleep or awake, or if I am in the spirit world.

Prophecy in Spanish:

I keep hearing these Words, "Lid, Lid, Lid, I am going to release the Lid."

I see a Lid of a cooking pot blowing off of something. (A pot maybe, I am not really sure.)

Prophecy in Spanish:

The Lord keeps saying, "Watch out, watch out here comes Carmanlita. Here comes Carmanlita."

I just had a thought that Carmanlita might be a storm or a whirlwind, but I don't know from where the thought came from.


508. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 July 1994 at 12:25 AM.

Two hours ago, I was in a spiritual war with an incredible force. The warfare started 8 PM and it did not stop until about 10:15 PM. It is 12:25 AM now and I just turned off my computer and called it an evening from typing the Prophecies. Thinking about what happened it seemed very strange all the sensations and sounds. I was lying on my bed praying, when my praying war tongue started with a distinct sound of Power and Force.

It was incredible; at times my body would go into the fetal position and at times shake as my prayer language would go crazy with words and sounds I had never heard before. In the beginning, I sensed this Power and saw in the spirit a dome of protection around my house. As the warfare proceeded and got stronger the dome got bigger and bigger, and the prayer language got stranger and stranger until I saw this dome cover the whole United States.

In the spirit, I could see thousands of arrows flying through the sky as the prayer language proceeded at an incredible rate. The spiritual sky was almost not visible from all the arrows being sent with this Spiritual Power. From where I was viewing the warfare, I couldn't see who was shooting the arrows and spears. Though, I knew they were coming from the Lord's Angels. The arrows were moving from the left toward the right from where I was standing or from my view point. I couldn't see where the arrows were landing, and I wouldn't want to be there when they did.

The prayer language sounds that were coming out of my mouth sounded like the shooting of machine gun bullets. I guess you would call it a power tongue. The Holy Spirit's Presence was just incredible and Powerful. What kept coming to my mind was the movie Aliens 2 where these soldiers were locked in this room and they left these automatic guns outside to stand guard to shoot at anything that moved. This was how the prayer language was coming out of my mouth, with Power, Force and Direction.

I could sense the Power of the Holy Spirit flowing through my whole body as if anything demon got in the way of the Power tongue, it would have no chance at ALL, to survive the Power of the Lord. Since the Lord doesn't miss when He shoots, I knew the demons were moving all over the place and falling like flies. I could tell that this was a large offensive move by the Lord.

These sounds make your body shake and move in all sorts of ways as the Power flows out. It electrifies your whole body in ways that are hard to explain. For every cell in your body is charged and feels as though they were going to explode with the Power surge of the prayer language.

I really don't understand and there are many unanswered questions, but the POWER PRESENCE WAS THERE WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! It was a power move that could not be ignored, something you could not fantasize or dream up. This went on for two and one half hours WITHOUT STOP.

Now, after several hours of warfare behind me and several hours of typing, I still sensed something going on in the spirit as I lay in bed. There always seems to be warfare whenever I type the Prophecies. I started typing again after a few weeks off of just mailing them and uploading them on the computer services. And now I am sensing the intense warfare in the spirit and I am way behind in my typing.

I am beginning to sense the same Power Presence again, of four hours ago. I am getting goose bumps all over my body and can sense something going on in the spirit. I ran out of Communion crackers and all I had was some grape juice for Communion tonight. I haven't had the chance or the money to buy some, but I know the Lord has everything in control.

Somehow when you get into this spiritual warfare your flesh takes a back seat to your spirit. It has no say or knowledge of what is going on except that it is plugged into the Lord's Power Source. Your flesh seems to know it's going into direct contact or hand to hand fighting with the demonic forces.

Your spirit develops a union with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit takes complete charge of your body. It knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Your spirit is perfectly in tune with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit directs your spirit in the warfare.

Your mind most of the time doesn't comprehend as your body reacts to the repercussions of the warfare. At times, it's like you're on this spiritual roller coaster as the Holy Spirit takes you through the ups and downs and around the curves of the warfare with complete and total Power and Control. Afterwards you not only get a spiritual rush, but you also get a little drunk in the spirit. The repercussions are due to the Power surges that go though your body, and of the demonic counter attacks that your body receives during the battle as the forces of good and evil collide with this unbelievable force.

This union between your spirit and the Holy Spirit is in total harmony and at times leaves your flesh bewildered. You do get glimpses in the spirit of what is going on, but not all the time. Like now, this minute, I sense something is going on..., my spirit is sensing POWER!!!!, Angelic Power!!! The Holy Spirit is doing something, maybe He is protecting me from the warfare earlier, or maybe the enemy is regrouping and is going to try to hit me tonight. But by the Power Presence I sense in my room it's going to be a heck of a battle, maybe I'll sleep through it, and not even get involved.

It seems when you walk in the spirit you have to fight in the spirit. During those times you want to stay in the spirit especially when you know you're breaking strong holds and principalities, and you know you're on the offense and the dark spirits don't have a chance due to the Holy Spirit's Power. You begin to think of all the times the enemy has hit you, your family, your friends, or the Body of Christ. This might sound unchristian, but you get this revenge attitude. You realize you are in the spirit and that the Lord is using you with Power. And you have your chance to strike back and throw some blows in tongues, and once you start you don't want to stop, or maybe the Holy Spirit uses you until you can't take anymore. Whatever the case, it's very, very powerful and draining all at the same time. For the Lord uses every bit of strength you have and then some.

I am trying to think of other words to really explain this experience..., but there just aren't words to describe it correctly, at least I don't have the words. It's a power that transmits the Power through the tongue or prayer language. It is as though your tongue or prayer language is used to direct Angelic Warriors, to show them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. You have no power at all except what the Holy Spirit sends through you; you're only the vessel to transmit the language or Power Force. It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

This union between the human body, the Angels, and the Lord is simple: it's a power unity. During those times you sense the direction, so you direct. It isn't even me for the Lord has total control, but for some reason he wants, or needs human volunteers to participate. I really don't know, but somehow we are included in this spiritual war or used by God in some way to fight a part of this spiritual war. Maybe Heaven isn't free after all, and we Christians have to fight for it in part. Or maybe we are doing it by carrying our cross in all areas of the spirit. I guess that's all I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight. (over)


During the night I was awakened to find myself squeezing a demon by the head. Somehow, I had him in a head lock with my arms wrapped tightly around his head next to my chest. I had him so tight he could not move at all. It took me a few seconds to come to my senses and realized what was in my arms.

I started to bind and rebuke it, when it said to me, "Don't!, I am your son Steve."

I was still in shock by this unexpected awaking that I didn't know what to do. After we both lay there staring at each other a few seconds, I realized it wasn't Steve. So I bound it, and rebuked it to the pit of hell in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I prayed and thanked the Lord and went back to an uneasy sleep. This whole thing left me in shock for the rest of the day. (over again)


620. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 October 1994 at 12:00 noon.

As I was talking to a Christian brother; he pointed out how strangely my dog was sniffing the air. Then I heard this voice say in the spirit, "Stick your fingers in-between the door and the door jam and slam the door shut. I told my Christian brother what I was hearing in the spirit and we just looked at each other.

About and hour or two later I got real sick. I started getting severe stomach cramps and indigestion problems. We had just started to work on my down stairs room, but I had to stop due to the pain. So my Christian brother went to the store and brought some anti-Acid medicine while I laid down. A few hours later I got up again. I got sick again so I laid down and started to pray in tongues.

Then the Lord said, "Get into the bathtub and fill it with hot water.

So I climbed into a hot bathtub of water and I found myself in spiritual warfare with my warfare tongue praying loudly.

Then the Lord said, "Fill the bathtub until it covers all of your chest so only your neck and head is exposed."

Then the warfare really got intense. The warfare tongue increased and was more focused. It was direct, pointed, fast and loud.

Then the Lord said, "Bless the water in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then it will become Holy."

So I did it, then I felt this heat come over my head and it wasn't from the hot water, just after the prayer language kick in again. It was very strange and satisfying at the same time. Then warfare got even crazier as my body started shaking the water started splashing all over the place. I tried to raise my hands into the air and the Lord said, "NO! Keep them under the water."

So I placed my arms back under the water and prayed and prayed in tongues.

I kept hearing this voice say, "Shut Reymundo up! Shut Reymundo up! Shut him up, shut him up!"

And my prayer language was just going crazy and my body and hands were going all over the place under the water. I kept wanting to raise my hands, but the Lord kept telling me, "Keep them under the water."

So I just kept them under the water and I prayed and prayed.

I kept telling the Lord, "Keep my body together, keep my body together!"

For my body felt like it was going to explode. I was praying so loud, so fast, so pointed I didn't believe my body could stay together.

So in my mind, I kept telling the Lord, "Keep me together, keep me together!!"

During this time, I prayed for the Christian brothers that were helping me in this prophetic ministry and their families. I prayed for my relatives and all the relatives of my friends that are in this ministry. Then the prayer language even got harder and more intense. I didn't believe my body would be able to stay in the war or battle because of the intensity. But somehow the Lord kept me together.

During this battle I kept seeing in the spirit nuclear explosions going off in Africa, South America, Europe, China, United States, and Canada. These nuclear explosions were going off all over the place and the prayer language kept getting crazier and crazier.

I could see myself giving Angels orders, to do this and to do that. But I didn't know what I was telling them. My flesh knew it was giving instructions, but it didn't know what the instruction were. For they were given in the spirit.

I remember thinking as I spoke to my spirit; as my prayer language was going crazy directing the Angels, "Do whatever the Holy Spirit says because I don't know what to tell you."

But my flesh did understand that the Holy Spirit was giving instructions to my spirit to instruct the Angels and that Angels were following the instructions.

I don't know if the Angels were using arrows or bullets of some kind. I could clearly see that when these demonic forces were hit with something that on impact they totally exploded with parts flying in every direction. These body parts or spirit parts or whatever you call them were flying all over the place during this warfare.

The Lord was really cleaning House. During this one part of the warfare I could see the Angels in front of me doing battle. As the Angels moved forward in battle, they left behind them demon graves with grave stones on top of these destroyed demons. I don't know how I could see this, but I was dancing on top of their graves moving at a safe distance behind the Lord's Angels. Like I said, I was viewing myself dancing and praising the Lord on top of their graves and seeing this from the air in the spirit all at the same time.

During this time, I kept thinking about how I got the tar beat out of me the week before. And now I was saying to myself, it's my turn or the Lord's turn! The war just went on and on. Then my prayer language just stopped just as fast as it started. I was so tired afterwards. I couldn't even get out of the bathtub. I was totally exhausted. I surely got the tar beat out of me last week, but it went the other way this time. Well, I'll see if I can get some rest. I guess that's all. (over)


710. Prophecy, Vision, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 April 1995 at 9:10 AM.

During the worship of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International breakfast I went into the spirit. The Lord showed me, what I thought at first was a whole mound of bodies, or heads, but the Lord wouldn't let focus on what this mound was made of, but it was a heap of something. Then the Lord showed me the image of the map of the United States overlaid on this mound or mountain of whatever it was.


As the worship proceeded I saw myself in warfare in the spirit. I was standing in the spirit winging a sword. I was swinging it from right to left and from right to left.

The Lord kept saying, "Keep swinging, keep swinging."

Evidently the enemy wanted to stop me from receiving from the Lord. All I could see in the spirit was myself swinging this sword as the Lord kept telling me to swing and swing the sword. The next thing I saw was Christ dancing to the worship music and I kept seeing myself swinging this sword.

Then the next image was of Christ standing. He had a spear pointed up from the ground, with the point up. As I watched I could see something spinning on the point of the spear. I watched closer, and noticed it was me, but I was small compared to the spear. The spear looked about 6 feet high and I about 6 inches in length for I was spinning in a flat horizontal position on the point of the spear. Then the image changed and there was a woman on the spear and it had pierced her. I could see the woman's arms hanging in the air with the spear completely through the center of the woman body.

Then the Lord said, "Here comes the wrath of God."

Then the next thing I saw was warfare in the Heavens and really intense. I could sense God's Evangelic Forces fighting the demonic forces. At once I didn't want to see it and wanted out of the spirit. I was trying to close my spiritual eyes because the warfare was so intense and I sensed it all around me. It was in all the Heavens. The Lord was showing me ALL the Heavens at war. Everything that was dirty, everything that was demonic was fighting everything that was good. I kept trying to avoid seeing it because it was everywhere and it hurt my spirit as I watched! Everywhere you looked there was a battle going on. I guess God was mopping up the Heavens or wherever these things are in the spirit. It frightened me as I watched and it wouldn't go away. The power forces fighting each were incomprehensible.

The Lord kept saying to me, "Ray keep swinging that sword. I am going to send you further out. Keep swinging the sword."

The whole thing frightened me for it was so real. I wish.., I could explain the word: "Frightened," to describe it fully what I was seeing. And lately I have been having a hard time just keeping my body together in this world. The enemy has been hitting me hard with the finances, with the things of life, with my family. I feel very warn-out and very tired and the Lord says, "Keep swinging the sword, Ray. Keep moving forward."

I guess that's all. (over)


898. Occurrence and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 April 1996 at 10:30 PM.

During Communion prayer and just before having Communion with a few Christian brothers the Lord showed me a corner of a multi-story apartment building. As I watched it in the spirit, I saw it collapse floor by floor until it was totally destroyed by an earthquake.

Occurrence and Vision:

Then I saw a White Horse flying through the air. It was impressed on my spirit that it represented an Angel of the Lord, I don't know how I knew but it was an Angel in the figure of a White Horse. Then out of nowhere this enormous hand that looked like a gorilla's hand sneaked up and grabbed this White Horse out of the air like it was a small bird; crushed it, and smacked it to the ground. Then this hand somehow transformed it's five fingers into two and went downward with an incredible force toward the crushed Angel. I don't know if it hit the Angel again, but it had great power in its two newly formed fingers.

Immediately my prayer language changed, and I felt like I was going to explode from within and I could feel my body and spirit jump into a warfare mode. I got up from my seat and wanted to stop the Communion prayer and get into the war. But something told me I had to finish Communion and get a brother to anoint me with oil before I went into warfare. I had sensed the urgency to pray for two days, but I didn't know why. So for the next half hour to forty-minutes I wailed and found myself flat on the floor with my arms extended out and with my legs together (in the shape of a cross) with an unusual sounding prayer language that at times was quiet and at other times it was loud and fast. My prayer language was acting crazing during this time and I really lost track of time.

This large hairy black gorilla's hand reminded me of the gorilla movie, "King Kong," from the thirties or forties. But what was more interesting was the spiritual war I was seeing. This giant hairy black hand was fighting the Lord's Angelic Forces and was beating them. Then I saw what looked like a hole open up in the side of a mountain, and a tunnel extended out with hundreds upon hundreds of black horses (devils) shooting out, and began to help this large black hand fight the White Horses (Angels).

I was surprised by the speed of the battle, there wasn't a wasted movement by either of the parties involved, and I could sense in the spirit the Angels were losing the battle. What was also startling was the gorilla's hand; this creature was enormous compared to the White Horses. I mean, his hand was so large it could place a White Horse in it's palm, and these were life size White Horses or Angels or whatever you would like to call them.


Then I was shown hundreds and hundreds of crucified people on crosses in this dark area with white smoke or fog in the background being ripped off from their crosses, and they began to run past me as I watched them in the spirit. I don't know where they went or how they got pulled off the crosses.


Then I saw this dark place with all of these black creatures that had been slain in this battle with the White Horses looking like White melted Puddles laying on top of these black creatures. They all looked like White Blobs on top of black masses. I believe they were all dead for there was no movement. But as I watched and tried to figure out what was happening I saw the White Blobs on the top of the dead looking creatures begin to move. They somehow reformed themselves into the images of White human looking Angels. They no longer looked like White Horses. I don't know why or how it happened, but they went back up into the battle.


Then the next image was of hundreds upon hundreds of White Horses running from the right toward the left at lighting speeds with their manes blowing in the wind. When they got to the area of the battle they surrounded this large black creature. At this point the black creature looked about 5 or 6 miles high compared to the height of the White Horses, but they surrounded it and the battle immediately stopped. And somehow the small White Horses pounded him from the top as the others stayed around the perimeter and pounded him into this large hole in the ground. It looked like this enormous pit, then this enormous lid came over the large pit and they sealed it shut. Then the vision stopped.

What was placed in my spirit was that this large creature was a territorial demon with his demon helpers. Boy, I was amazed at how large and powerful it was. (over)


There is more in the spirit than I ever realized. The spiritual war is for real with demons we don't see, and these battles are happening now; this minute. This is a reality that most people don't even believe, but it is still for real. As I watched the spiritual war I felt very helpless. I have been asking myself these questions:

1. How were the crucified saints sucked off their crosses like a vacuum?

2. Why did they run past me into this empty space?

3. Will they come back to their crosses?

4. Did this territorial Demon get larger because the saints were taken off their crosses?

People need to PRAY MORE, for in the spirit, there are some very bad demons out there. These things are beyond what our minds can understand, but yet they are very real. I learned something very startling tonight, we really don't know the extent of the dark forces. (over)


903. Prophecy given Raymond Aguilera on 5 May 1996 at 8:19 AM. in Spanish and English.


Hello Reymundo. How are you? How are you?


I want you to pick a day, any day that you want; and I want you to wear black; and I want all of your clothes to be black, from the morning to the evening. Do you understand what I have said? All the clothes that you wear must be black, for the day of darkness is here, the day of judgment, the day of wrath, the day of mourning. The day of vengeance is here, clearly and to the point. The things that the world will see, will be the cleansing of what is evil, for My Eyes and My Ears are seeing revolting things, second by second. So, I want you to wear black from the time you wake up in the morning - I want you to go and put on some black clothes, until evening. Then the next day, I want you to wear WHITE, from the time you wake up until the time it gets dark, for that's the way it will be at the end times. It will be black; then it will be white.

The people of the world do not understand the ways of God, the manners of God, even though they are written plainly in the Bible. Like I said earlier, man twists and turns everything that the Lord says, everything that the Lord does, to suit his purpose. Then, he climbs on his own throne and claims to be god. He is going to have a chance to prove himself. When he faces the REAL God of the universe, the Creator of stars, of the heavens, of all that you see, of all that you don't see - Face to face, Eye to eye - he is going to have a chance to prove himself, for what you don't see is bigger and vaster than what you do see. You will see the Power and the Glory of Jehovah come upon this world rapidly, without remorse, for the Lord does not worry or feel bad about eliminating evil. For the evil things of the world do not belong to God.

Do you understand the things of the Lord that are in the Bible, the basic things - the things that are right - the things that are wrong? The simple things - that you all understand, that are written in the Bible, were written for everyone to understand with clear eyes. But the deeper things, that are written in the Bible, were made for a few chosen, anointed ones that will guide, and lead the Body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The problem is, the ones that were NOT anointed, that were NOT chosen by God - Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, decided to take it upon themselves to guide, and mislead the Body. This will be corrected immediately, with the antichrist.

So, the day of darkness - the day of Light is here! Remember what I told you: From the time you get up to the time of darkness, wear black. The next day, from the time you get up to the time the sun goes down, I want you to wear all WHITE. I want you to go and buy some new, clean clothes; but they have to be WHITE, for that's the manner of God - Clean and Pure and Righteous. So be it. So be it. So be it. (over)

908. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 May 1996 at 7:35 AM.

I have been praying to the Lord for an explanation, for the wearing of White and black clothes.

This is what the Lord told me, "Wearing White and black clothes Symbolizes, Witnesses, and Seals, what I have said is TRUE and is going to HAPPEN!" (over)

Note: Yesterday, I spent some of my mortgage money and bought the White and black clothes I needed to accomplish this event. I will be wearing the black clothes on Friday, May 17, 1996, and the White clothes on Saturday, May 18, 1996. I was also instructed to burn the black clothes after I used them. May the Lord have mercy on us. (over)


1206. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 September 1998 at 2 AM.

I went to bed about 1:35AM. this morning and during my prayers I got attacked in the spirit. I had just finished praying when without warning my body became paralyzed. The only thing that I could use was my voice. As soon as I realized it was a spiritual attack my prayer language began to speak out, in my warfare tongue! This warfare took me into this spiritual world and I could sense this enormous battle in the spirit. But at the same time I kept trying to move my physical body in this world, but without success. At one point, I sensed that the prayer language fought off the spiritual attack for it subsided, but then I was hit again with this counter attack which was more pointed. Then my prayer language just went crazy with some strange sounds that sounded like a machine gun. Then the prayer language changed again into short but direct sounds that sounded like the prayer language was sending out powerful bombs into the spiritual world. Finally my body came back to normal and I went to sleep. (over)


1422. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 November 1999 at 1:43 AM in Spanish.

The things that are important are the things of the SPIRIT! And if you walk on the straight road all will go well with your spirit, with your mind, with your body, with your wife, with all of the things I have promised you. Yes Reymundo, We are going to finish the Work of your God to the point.


1701. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 September 2002 at 12:40 AM in English.

I am what you see.  I am what you touch.  Everything belongs to Me - the time of day, the time of night, the air, the ground, the stars.  Everyone, who occupies the planet earth, belongs to Me.  But some I am going to place in one place and the others in another place.  Some are going to know their God very personally, directly.  Others are going to follow the other gods that were established years ago on this planet by the father of lies, Satan. 

Once there was a house, this house had a large roof.  There came a storm and the storm damaged one wall. As the wall weakened the roof got heavier.  So eventually the whole roof fell upon its walls. It destroyed the whole structure, but it happened slowly, very directly, as the days, the weeks, the months and the years progressed.  Eventually the structure fell.  That is the way it is going to happen with society.  The society that believes it knows it all, the society of man. 

There is a spiritual world that is living side by side.  The spiritual world is very strong. There is a positive and there is a negative parts of the spiritual world.  Like this house the negative spiritual world nibbles at society slowly, but surely as the days and the weeks, and the months, and the years go by.  Eventually, society falls apart because Satan and his followers eventually destroy the foundation of society.  It isn’t that the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth doesn’t stop, or encourage, or does nothing, as this is happening.  But there are certain things that have to happen to fulfill scripture, to fulfill prophecy. 

The final outcome will be a new world, a new spiritual world, with the followers of Jesus Christ, the followers of Jehovah, the followers of the Holy Spirit.  People who walk in the Spirit will understand what I am saying.  People of the world will be confused.  There is going to be a fork in the road.  Either you are going to walk to right or you are going to walk to left.  A very simple statement but one road will take you down the path to Satan, the other path will take you to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The choice is yours! 

There are going to be a lot of obstacles in-between.  But everyone is going to come to this fork in the road.  It doesn’t matter if they believe in other gods, other than Jesus Christ.  There is always going to be that fork, and there is always going to be the side of good and the side of bad.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is trying to take you to the right.  Trying to take you where the wisdom and the knowledge of all that is all Rest: The truth about Love - the truth about Fellowship - the truth about Praising God.  So be it!  So be it! 

Either you understand what I am saying or you are totally lost, it makes no difference.  But what makes the difference is when you come across that fork in the road, remember My Words.  Either you follow the Lord or you follow the devil.  It is very simple, it is very direct, it is to the point.  But remember – God is always there.   It reaches a point in time, where the devil won’t be there because he is not a god – in reality.  Because Jesus Christ, Jehovah and the Holy Spirit are God they can place the devil wherever they want, at any time they want. 

So remember, – there is only one God.  So keep your eyes open, because this fork in the road might appear before you at an instance, years from now, or tomorrow.  Remember, it is never too late to find Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah.  There is going to come a point in time, that what you know, what you see is going to be torn apart by things that are beyond your control.  Things that you are going to find stupid, senseless, but they will happen.  But remember, you have to pray, you have to read the Bible, you have to have Communion, you have to seek God, Jesus Christ, Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit.  We are always there, but you have to turn that wicked heart, that sinful life that you live. 

Remember, go to the right.  Do what is right.  Follow your God Jesus Christ and all will be alright.  Peace My Children, Peace.  This is your Loving Father giving you a message from Heaven of what is right and what is wrong.  (over)


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